Citroën 2CV6

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  • Most problems stem from ignition or fuel.

    Yeah, mine was mostly fuelling-related. I think the fuel pump actuator rod was worn too far because it always pumped quite weakly. I went through a couple of replacement pumps which solved the problem for a bit and then it came back. Never really quite worked out if it was the actuator rod, whatever was down at the other end that I assume ran on the cam, or shit quality aftermarket pumps. Electric pump was probably the answer. It was also the very early engine, so it needed cranking and cranking and cranking to get the thing to start - unlike the newer 2CV engines.

    Ignition side, mine was 6V and had the 123-Ignition electronic ignition module. I really recommend this unit, because the points are a proper pain to get to. I never had any problem with the coil but a lot of people complain about the new ones.

    But definitely the Amis were much more complex bodywork wise.

    A lot of jobs that are quite straightforward on a Deuche are unbelievably frustrating on the Ami and need a lot of disassembly. Lost count of the times I had to take all the front bodywork off just to do the simplest of jobs.

  • Finally, a project thread about a proper car!


  • I grew up in one of these. It was sold 2 weeks before I got my drivers license, so I never got to drive it myself, and I secretly dream of owning one.

    All the refurbished parts look great. What color are you having this painted? The original blue?

  • Yes it’s going to blue as original.

  • Sounds lovely

  • Engine cleaned, crankshaft seals, stem seals done and all back together.
    I just need to wait for the cowlings and manifold to come back from enamelling.

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  • Outstanding.
    Reminds me instantly of a line in a Lloyd Cole song (can’t recall which) “she drove her mother’s car, was a deux-chevaux, I was most impressed” :)

  • I’d forgotten about that, but I guess it’s­k

  • Saw this today and this came to mind.

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  • This was my first car, in that same blue. Used to bounce around in it at art college, took the back seats out and used to sleep in it. Best car ever, would love to have another if it ever made sense for someone to have more than one car...

  • I love how the racing versions look, they're so crazily low in comparison to the stock (drive across a ploughed field with basket of eggs) specification suspension.

  • It’s relatively straightforward to lift or lower the suspension, via the spring canister tie rod adjustment although I think the racing ones have re-engineered front suspension arms.
    Maybe this is for you apologies for the fb link­38207?view=permalink&id=943130806181941&­fs=2&focus_composer=0&ref=m_notif&notif_­t=group_highlights

  • Just reminded me I have a set of 4 Ecas longer tie rod ends if anyone is interested. Lowers the car by about 40mm but doesn't leave you right on the ends of the threads.

    But yeah, if you go really low, you do want to modify the arms to correct the kingpin inclination or it's heavy to steer. I was going to do that to my Ami so I could drive it slammed, but it turns out at the front, the inner arches sit on the tyres before it bottoms out and at the back the suspension legs hit the chassis before they even touch the bumpstops. Citroen designed that car on a Friday after lunch I think!

  • I can't believe how small the engine is, in the picture upthread I honestly thought you'd taken it out!

    Is this the 602cc/33bhp version?

  • Lovely work and a great thread.
    Incidentally I’d love to see a fat bike tyre placed against the tyres on there for a width comparison! Are they like 4”?

  • It is tiny. 602 and 30ish Bhp, new barrels and 9-1 pistons prior to being laid up, all the performance!

  • 15” x 125 so it out fats a fat bike!

  • I got the engine metal work back and manifold from the enamelling today.

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  • Which looks quite nice I think.

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  • First of the primer has gone on the body shell:)

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  • I’m thoroughly enjoying this thread.

  • The rest of bits turned up from the enamellers today, really nice job.

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  • I then popped round to the body shop where they were hard at work, filling imperfections and getting the seams right. Hopefully final primer will go on this weekend. Then final checks and top coat next week🙈

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  • Great thread! Almost time for what I thought was the worst part of helping with my father’s 2CV: Fitting the windows.

  • I suspect the worst bit is going to be finding all the bits! They are currently in my house, garage, work/workshop and the body shop, I have tried to bag and label as I went.
    But something will be lost I’m sure.
    Regards windows ive got new seals all round, so I’m hoping it will be drama free.

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Citroën 2CV6

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