Citroën 2CV6

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  • Great result!

  • Nice! Definitely get it back together. I've got an oil in frame Triumph, let me know if you need any bits or to borrow any tools. Have you got any photos of it with the tank on?

  • Not that I can find, I do however have this under my desk.

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  • When I drove the car home , it was quite startling as to the mirrors inadequacy compared to modern vehicles.
    So I rebuilt them with new pivots, convex glass and seals hopefully they’re better.
    I’ve not driven it much , but have ironed out a few niggles, brakes, speedo etc.
    Hopefully I’ll get a good run out soon enough.
    Here it is resplendent with the new mirrors.

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  • Excellent work!

  • so pretty. great work dude.

    and agree with @furious_tiles this roof looks so much nicer.

    i was reminded of this car again last night as i watched American Graffiti. in among all the big american cars was richard dreyfuss with his little 2CV.

    anyway. this one is cracking.

    looking forward to seeing you on the drag strip when this nonsense is all over.

  • I would never dispute that you’re a man of great taste.

    Now living in Wales, I’m unlikely to ever see this wonderful car.
    However that does not stop it from bringing me a fair amount of joy knowing that it’s been done to such a high standard that it’ll be around for many more years.

  • Cheers both, I drove to work in it yesterday and I’m remembering how to drive one again. It has been a few years and it’s most definitely not a modern car experience.
    There’s a few rattles and a bit of finishing off to sort out, but at least I’ve got mirrors, speedo and fuel gauge now.

  • Amazing!

  • Amaze

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Citroën 2CV6

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