Citroën 2CV6

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  • Amazingly the rest of the front end is held on with 8nuts and 6 bolts, quite a clever design.

    I was reading up the design of the 2CV which was truly fascinating (especially the repairability)

  • As this finally nears completion, I spent a little time in the garage whilst painting, pondering my potential next twin cylinder project.
    This has spent even longer in my garage and other peoples and probably deserves a bit of a recommissioning.
    Although I have a lot of history with it, it will probably have to go when up and going.
    I guess I’ve had it for 30 years, I started it 15 years ago and was really smoky, so it got stripped and never rebuilt.
    I should rebuild it right?

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  • I’ve just registered it for historic status which feels very satisfying.
    It’s taxed mot exempt and insured!
    Paint and polishing should be finished tomorrow, home on Tuesday!

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  • Polishing finished and vent flap painted, at last!

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  • This is looking superb! Very excited to see it finished, getting so close.

  • I did a first fitting of the roof today to allow it to stretch and settle overnight, before finishing it off tomorrow.
    The seats were also loosely fitted, but I had so little time today.
    But with sunshine due tomorrow, I’m hoping for enough time to finish it all off and bring it home!

  • Endless love for this project, keeps me cheery!

  • Sorry to hear that.

  • Saw this beauty in small village in Suffolk yesterday when out walking. Obviously made me think of you and your lovely car.

    Hope you get it home soon. And yeah the 'historic' vehicle thing is awesome

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  • Very nice.
    Back end done

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  • Looking great, roof is a better looking colour than the darker shade on the one Jonny posted

  • Dashboard is in.

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  • And she’s ready to roll!

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  • Looks amazing !
    Just in time for some good weather and the end (hopefully) of Lockdown, hope you have many happy miles chugging around !

  • Lovely. Please post detailed pics out in the open when you get a chance!

  • We’re home

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  • Tres bon

  • What a terrific project. I am so delighted to see how this turned out.

  • Amazing thread @citron!!!

    I have a huge soft spot for 2CV's as my mum had two of them when we growing up and then my younger brother also had one not long after he past his driving test. We weren't a small family either - there were 6 of us in total (x4 boys) and somehow we all used to cram in there!

  • The garage boys were sad to see it go.

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  • Amazing, congrats on a job well done. Can I ask where the garage is, and what the arrangement was that you had with them (as another old Citroen-needing-some-love owner)...?

  • Fantastic!

  • It looks fantastic, great job on the whole restoration and mad respect for all the work and money you put into it. I hope you get many years of good use, and wonderful memories out of it.

    Thanks for saving it.

  • Great job!

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Citroën 2CV6

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