Citroën 2CV6

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  • Video clip of the first fire up essential please thanks

  • A little victory today🙂

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  • Lovely!

    Looks superb with the naked front with the painted headlights mounted

  • Amazingly the rest of the front end is held on with 8nuts and 6 bolts, quite a clever design.

  • Excellent! Sounds super smooth (for a 2 cylinder). I love the way they purr - we had a GSA when I was growing up with the flat 4 bigger brother engine.

  • The start up was just for you, I’m glad you made me think of doing it.

  • That little clip was a fine start to the morning, thanks for sharing, lovely project.

  • Excellent. Loved hearing that too. Sounds perfect

  • If I bought a DS and presented it to you with a sack* of money would you be interested in renovating it?

    * size TBC

  • Just stumbled across this thread. Excellent stuff, looking forward to seeing more updates.

  • Very flattering, but I’m not sure I would be up for it even if I had the time and space.
    As for the sack* I dread to think how big it would need to be for a DS restoration.
    Even this has cost at least as much as it’s worth, financially it doesn’t make sense.
    As a project to keep your hands busy maybe so, but there are times when I wonder why the hell I started it and if I’ll ever get it finished.
    It’ll be a long time before I do something similar.
    That said I’ve got a couple of motor bikes that I need to do.

  • I have made some progress, but I’m at the stage where I’m scratching around for bits and pieces that I’ve “securely stored”.
    Damn you M7 and M5.

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  • Loving this thread. Looking forward to seeing the interior.

  • Cheers, the interior will be quite spartan the way it should be.

  • Not very exciting but dinitrolled the rear wings in preparation for fitting, so much quicker spraying and a much neater finish. I don’t think I’ll ever brush rust proofing on again.

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  • Plenty of dinitrolls on this forum.

  • Awesome car! I drive a C15, but the neighbours gardener has an Acadiane in the same colour as yours.

  • Rear wings are on and a few other bits including headlight adjuster.
    My missing bolts arrived today, so the other doors can go on next week.
    Then it’s interior body lining and a final flat and polish.

  • Pictures

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  • I am unreasonably excited about this. So fresh, so minty.

  • Absolutely lovely. Great thread to read through!

  • 2CV's just draw people in, particularly cyclists. I'd love a Renault 4...i'll get my coat.

  • Fantastic work and brings back so many memories of a shared school run, piled high with kids, us all vying for the middle bench seat at the front, hoping we’d get chance to do the gears (some did, some didn’t, no rhyme nor reason from the driver, no attempt to make sure everyone got to ‘win’ - not that this is a vivid memory that still haunts me, absolutely not). Sorry not sorry for derail but this is obviously all about me.

    TL;DR Fucking epic project/car

  • Saw this post on Instagram and couldn’t help but think it would be at home in this thread­?igshid=1fzicmwf9lukk

  • It certainly does, I shall have to work on my cornering technique!

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Citroën 2CV6

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