Citroën 2CV6

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  • A little story about our 2cv, first made in 1976 in the Belgian factory. Registered in the uk in 1977.
    Bought by us in 2003 from a nice lady in St. John’s Wood after stumbling across it on the way home from the pub in Battersea.
    This is it 18 months after we bought at the Scottish 2cv meeting in 2005.

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  • After a few years and a few trips to France and Spain it was parked up in my garage in 2010, where it stayed until lockdown.

  • With time on my hands it was wheeled out for a refurb.

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  • Various body work repairs were needed, floors, bulkhead, rear window surround and bonnet hinge panel were the main areas.
    The body was split from chassis and cutting and welding undertaken.

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  • New floors and bulkhead.

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  • Brakes were completely renewed, pipes, shoes and all cylinders.

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  • The car was reassembled and has gone off for paint.
    Bonnet hinge and rear window repairs visible.

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  • Wheels back from blasting and enamelling

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  • Finally, a project thread about a proper car!

  • Remember my dad's mate having one as a company car years ago , he used to have loads of different cars like 'mexicos' and Alfas......
    The 2cv was the only one everyone wanted to go for a ride in ! It was bright green and obviously called 'Kermit' 🤪

  • When it got to the body shop it was stripped again.
    Various parts sent for blasting and enamelling and the engine taken to my workshop for cleaning, seal renewal and general check over.

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  • Rear window has been prepped, just rest of it to do.

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  • i know nothing about car panel welding. do you cut out the old rusty bits and butt-weld a new panel in place, or does the new bit of panel overlap the old one in some way?

  • I also managed to get the missing Belgian marked glass last week, which made me unbelievably happy.

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  • It have tried to follow original weld joints where possible with replacement panels. But yes cut out rust and butt weld where necessary. It was very much a learning process and I will be forever grateful for my brothers skills and assistance.
    Lining stuff up brings measure twice cut once too a whole new level.

  • yeah - it must require a lot of sneaking up on fits

  • My old man used to race 2cvs in 24 hour endurance events at Snetterton and the like. Incredible racing.

    Looking forward to seeing this fully refurbed, what a wonderful car.

    Here's a picture of the Imbroglio machine

  • My brother raced them back in the day when the series first started, no pics unfortunately.

  • I visited a friend in SW18 last weekend, we saw a rather lovely 2CV parked on the street, we had already walked past a number of Astons and the like without comment, the 2CV made us all stop and admire it.

    Always nice to see a classic restored to its former glory.

  • I had a 1965 Ami 6 about 5 years ago. It needed a lot more fabrication work than I could do myself so I got someone else to do that bit.

    It was fun, but for such a simple car it didn't half go wrong a lot. I admire your commitment!

  • These and Renault 4s are so lovely.

    There’s a garage near me that specialises in R4s, I love seeing them parked up outside.

    Deux Chevaux are even more awesome though. Like tvh, this is one car thread I’m DIGGIN. Nice one citron.

  • This is brilliant! Looking forward to seeing it progress along!

  • Most problems stem from ignition or fuel.
    They seem anecdotally to suffer from the increased ethanol content in petrol, to this end I have renewed the fuel pipes and pump, there is also a new carb ready to go on.
    In time I may fit electronic ignition and a solid state coil as the modern “original” items seem to suffer from modern manufacturing problems and quality control.
    But overall I’m optimistic.
    But definitely the Amis were much more complex bodywork wise.

  • Your thread on the mini motivated me to sort my photos out and do this thread, so thanks.

  • My dad sold his Ami Super when he went to jack it up to rotate the wheels and the jack started cutting through the bodywork. I’d still like one, that said.

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Citroën 2CV6

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