2006 Mini Cooper S R53 - A Mini Adventure?

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  • Thanks, I will probably just take it to my guy in the village who is pretty good. Having an interesting issue at the moment where the gears are frozen in the morning- running it for 10 mins on the drive thaws it out. Assumption it is water in the cables between gearstick and gear selector that is freezing overnight.

  • 220bhp

    I saw the pulley mod and exhaust. Just these and that intercooler give this power increase? Do these cars not require remapping? My Abarth apparently does after most modifications, as I found out when had my emissions tested.

  • I'm not sure exactly where it's at just at the moment and it most likely would benefit from a remap but you can get away with an awful lot without remapping on these as they're supercharged rather than turbocharged like the Abarth and the newer Cooper S models. Essentially it's mechanical tuning up to this point rather than anything to do with the ECU map and apparently the stock ECU is reasonably comfortable recalibrating itself to work ok with these mods.

    Stock R53 - 173bhp
    17% pulley - +c.20bhp
    Exhaust - +c.15-20bhp
    Intake - +c.5bhp
    Total - c.213-218bhp

    That's all a bit theoretical though of course without getting it on a dyno and then there would be some small gains to be had from a remap on the dyno but you don't typically get a great benefit from remapping these until you've changed to bigger injectors and a different cam.

  • Between your car and the picture you posted of the dutch car with a red bumper, it's really got me thinking about an R53...

  • You won't regret it!

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2006 Mini Cooper S R53 - A Mini Adventure?

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