Tofubaru - a 4.6l V8 AWD (or possibly EV) Forester

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  • What a wagon. Great all rounder and looks great.

  • This has just reminded me that Forester had its first visit into London's famous ULEZ zone and I have forgotten to pay the charge... excellent, presumably a fine is in the post :(

    My 06 forester is ULEZ compliant. I would guess yours is too.

  • I would think that it would be cheaper (overall) to buy a BMW i3 and a turbo EZ36, but that of course is neither here nor there.

  • Sounds like pump prices are going up every 5 minutes in Ireland right now!

  • Yeh it’s ridiculous, this is from last Friday (and I live in the sticks), seemed scandalous at the time but now it would be a bargain! Wouldn’t mind if motor tax wasn’t expensive too!

    Not looking forward to filling the central heating oil tank!

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  • When has sense ever been of primary concern around here!
    You may not be wrong though, I have looked into getting something more sensible as commuter and I've sort of ended up at the Mazda MX-30 or Honda E as both would be perfect for my 168km round trip commute but I'm beginning to think that if I strip back the immediate scale of the refurbishment on the Forester to just tidying up the shell and getting the engine out and motor and batteries in it might work out to cost about the same?
    Sadly there's just no such thing as a cheap car in Ireland at the moment and my cheapest options are either a well used i3 or Nissan Leaf... both will still set me back €20k :(

  • looks good on the new shocks. I did a bit of touching on my forester at the weekend.
    started off by popping out to change a bulb, things escalated...

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  • Oh excellent! What have you been upto there then?

  • i was just investigating swapping out a side light bulb in the headlight, but after undoing it i couldn't get the holder back in, so the only sensible option was to take the whole front of the car off...
    i needed to do it anyway though as i had a replacement headlight to fit (condensation behind the lens)
    it just wasn't really what i'd planned to do when i went outside! :D
    my wife looked a bit shocked when she saw what i was doing...

  • my forester failed the MOT on Friday. ☹️
    bad corrosion on the rear subframe mounts plus other assorted rust issues.
    it's going to need a fair bit of welding to get it sorted.

  • Sort of progress in a roundabout way...

    I just bought a 2020 Hyundai Kona Electric as a new daily driver which means as of this morning the Forester is off the road. I won't have much time to do anything with it until this winter (home renovations are getting closer to being finished and I honestly just need a break for some surfing and mountain biking once that's done) but I'll be continuing planning and preparations until then and I'll start into the teardown later in the year!

    I also need to get in contact with the automotive engineer who will have sign off on the conversion afterwards to discuss what will be acceptable and what won't in terms of modifications to the shell to accommodate the changes so I'll update on that journey as it progresses...

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  • I just bought a 2020 Hyundai Kona Electric as a donor car


  • Ha I had the same thought!

  • The thought did cross my mind although I'd like a bit more power for the Forester so the motor probably won't cut it... pretty decent battery though and space wise I reckon the whole pack would damn near fit as is, must park them side by side for a comparison!

  • I feel like I'm verging on predictable but I've already sussed out the required lowering springs for the Kona and some very cool other manufacturer OEM wheels that should be very cheap indeed... it's definitely not going to turn into a project car but it would be fun to have it looking a bit cool...

    Here's a bonkers low (allegedly static but I doubt it, must be on air) one owned by the chap who builds mad electric Porsches and the likes, Bisimoto...

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  • that does look pretty cool.
    how much does it screw up the range changing the wheels and lowering etc?

    in other forester news, i got the welding done to get mine through the MOT.
    interestingly (or not) on the re-test none of the previous advisories came up either...

  • So the wheels I'm ogling are exactly the same fitment as the stock ones (4mm difference in offset but that's negligible), shouldn't be much difference at all other than maybe the weight but not much I suspect...
    In theory lowering the car should reduce drag by reducing the frontal area of the car but I'm also going to get a Thule roofrack, same as on Forester, for surfing/ mountain biking... obviously this will be hard on range when loaded but all things considered I think range should be unaffected with nothing on the roof hopefully as I don't fancy taking roof bars on and off all the time!

    Happy to hear your Forester is healthy and happy though 😊

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Tofubaru - a 4.6l V8 AWD (or possibly EV) Forester

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