Tofubaru - a 4.6l V8 AWD Forester

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  • awesome! sounds like a crazy amount of work but should make an absolute beast of a vehicle!
    what kind of info do you get out of the OBD dongle? i've installed an android tablet in my forester in place of the factory sat nav - am i right in thinking it's possible to link up to android to get live diagnostics?

    (also subbed in to your thread over on the forester forums)

  • It's actually great! I downloaded an app called Torque Pro and as far as I can see it has all of the same information I used to get on the Ultragauge in the Mini! It'll definitely work with the Android unit too so I'd definitely recommend it. Think it was about €40 for the dongle and €3.50 for the app or something like that!

    I'm actually on the hunt for a headunit myself at the moment... ideally I'd like the new Nakamichi NA3605-M6 but I've emailed all of their distributors and nobody can tell me when it will be available. The older NA3605 would be ace too if you can change the colour of the buttons (can't be dealing with blue LED buttons) but nobody can confirm that for me yet which leaves me with the Sony XAV-AX100 which costs more and I don't really want as much as I want the Nakamichi one...

    Will have to wait and see if someone from Nakamichi comes back to me and can tell me when the new one will be out or if the old one has changeable colours I guess...

  • cool. i think i'll pick one up.
    i went with a pioneer fh-s820DAB in the stock location, and then the android tablet sits in the satnav housing on the top of the dash.
    i wanted a cd player, and also real buttons rather than a pure touchscreen interface - plus i think the stock head unit location is a bit low down for a nav unit.

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  • That looks great! I'm really torn about whether to go for the dash top pod, it's a much better location for nav but then I really like having the cubby there for keys and bits and pieces... I had been planning on just running one headunit in standard location.

  • What's with all the tech?! all this needs is some decent tyres, a roof rack for boards and a tow hitch bike rack!

  • 😅 that would be faaar too easy!

  • hey. any forester updates?

  • None at the moment to be honest, in the process of buying a house so haven't been spending any money on car stuff at all at the moment.

    I got some new floor mats and a nice new steering wheel cover from East Detailing which I didn't think warranted sharing but I'll get the steering wheel cover fitted and snap a few pictures! Other than that I need to just bide my time until the time is right to buy the donor Lexus!

    I have been giving consideration to another car to have as a runaround while work happens on the Subaru and I'm really thinking strongly about a Honda Beat... that would be fun!

  • fair enough! house buying can be a real time / money sucker.

    honda beat would be awesome - gran turismo vibes!

  • Yeah I've always rather fancied a Kei car and the Beat is probably the coolest save for maybe the hallowed Autozam AZ-1 which have sky-rocketed in price! Importing a reasonably unabused Beat from Japan isn't too bad at all at the moment though!

  • i really like the boxy style ones like the suzuki wagon r or the honda life step van.
    probably why i've ended up with the forester!

  • I have actually been considering a Nissan Cube as a possible other option haha!

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Tofubaru - a 4.6l V8 AWD Forester

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