Broken tubeless track pump head

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  • I have one of these:­st-tubeless-tyre-track-pump-1?sku=100238­366

    And a tiny locking pin has just broken in the head. Whole thing is scuppered because of a 2p part.

    Anyone know if replacement heads are available anywhere? Or if a different brand will fit?

    It’s a tubeless pump so the head has a lever that pushed down a little pin that blocks airflow and pumps the tank up, then releases it all at once.

  • If you could find another way to block the airflow (kink in the hose?) then any track pump head should fit.

  • Edit - talking bollocks

  • Had a go, but the pin being gone creates a leak too. I tried electrical tape but once the tyre gets to 60psi it rips off. And holding 200psi back in the tank will take some doing.

  • Planet X tubeless pump is the same. Perhaps they have spare parts bin? Easier to speak to than wiggle.

  • I usually remove the head and ram the valves inside the rubber tube, if I'm understanding this right

  • But that's with other brands that have the air lock located in the pump.

  • Get Wiggle to replace it?

  • Same happened to me, same pump different brand. I removed the pin and the shaft through the head, wrapped some thermoplastic around the hole and glued it together to make it airtight.
    You just then need to get a quick release pipe clip. When you clip it up tight you can charge up the tank, then release it when you need the air.

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  • Asked Wiggle about this and they replied saying “we’ll get back to you”. Waited about 8 days for them to say “it’s out of warranty”.

    Can’t believe you tracked down the replacement part. Thanks for that. I’ve tried a similar bodge as upthread with epoxy putty for now though.

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  • I know I'm late to the conversation, but do you know the size of that clamp? I'm going to order one. Was it difficult to remove and re-attach the hose?

  • Hi, the clamp wore out quick so I then used mole grips. After that I installed a 1/4 turn inline valve

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Broken tubeless track pump head

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