Serotta Tri-Colorado 650c

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  • Picked this up off @BigH shamefully over 9 months ago now. Loads of rubbish life stuff got in the way, but now ready to get this moving.

    As I picked it up on the forum and due to the ever popular sick fadez, I'm indulging in a thread. Big thanks to @pazu and @doubleodavey for assistance so far - it has been a pig.

    Updates to follow....

  • This will be banging, subbed!

  • An ethical build would involve double HED3 at some point.

  • Nice! Definitely recommend green handlebar tape or grips. Got it on mine and it looks way better than boring black imo.

  • Looking forward to it. This bike has haunted me for so long. If you ever do get rid of...I’m here.

  • @snoops - lolz.

    @chak - Hopefully this one won't be going anywhere any time soon but dibs duly noted...

    @Sig_Arlecchino - bar tape TBC, but i was very much planning on going on the boring black option! Otherwise it's saddle mismatch. I see where you're coming from on the green... feel free to post yours, would love to see it. Also thought about black with a pink / orange fade at the ends, but then I came to my senses. (it's going to be drops).

  • Still need to change the bars to some non-ergo ones but I’m definitely keeping the green tape. At the end of the day it’s a matter of personal preference and I personally don’t mind the bartape/saddle mismatch :)

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  • Noice.

    What’s the plan for it? What you got so far?

  • is this 650c?

  • Hed3s?

  • Definitely looks better with the Green

  • i gave up on my cannondale 650c frame because i couldn't find a set of bling daft wheels for it. be interesting to see how you get on

  • Subbed. My vote goes to Spingery Rev x.

  • I was thinking about this the other day funnily enough. Fancy selling me the salsa stem back? :-)

    Look forward to double Mavic 3g's ftw

  • Or a set of Corima 4b, but he's sorted already.

  • Yep, sorry all - this is 650c... (title amended)

    @Sig_Arlecchino - noice. Would love a normal proportioned version one of these! The paint on yours has survived much better than on mine.

    So I've pretty much got everything. The wheels were a total nightmare, I scoured ebay since I got the frame for some suitable clinchers as I really didn't want to go tubs. I can tell you the interesting sets rarely come up, especially as a pair. I even signed up to some triathlon forums and asked on there but no dice. @pazu eventually put me on to these HEDs and I ended up getting them last month from a guy in Germany....

    I ideally didn't want to go down that route, as pazu has these already himself, and I see @dry also did this a few years back. But these were too good to turn down and the hunt was way too long and painful. Farsports do 650c rims, so that was another train of thought but it would have been an expensive option.

    The wheel saga is not over though - will update later.

  • For the rest of the build I've got a DA 7400 groupset. I found a nice 90's 'Team Club Roost' saddle that came over from Italy (was actually looking for a Concor light), and I've had a NOS shimano 600 seatpost lying around for years. Sticking with that, it's a really nice seatpost and I'm not forking out for a DA one just for the sake of it. Also actually prefer this one.

    Handlebars - bought some Nitto 186's. Really like the shape, and I understand they were actually designed for these STI shifters. I'm having stem compatibility issues though which I'll come onto..

    @BigH - good to hear from you. Stem is currently on the concorde but semi considering sticking it on this (though initially wanted to stay silver finishing kit). I'll PM you on it - didn't realise at the time how hard these are to find! Hope you're good.

  • @fizzy.bleach it was a shame your cannondale was never finished. It would have been amazing. I feel your wheel pain though... did you shift the frameset in the end?

  • I did - it sat on eBay for a good while and then someone made me a decent offer and seemed well pleased with it.

    i didn't give up on it just because of the wheels, but i had too many projects on the go and that was a decent candidate for dismissal

  • Cheers! As for the condition: it probably helps that the ‘decals’ on the colorado II are masked paint whereas the tri version seems to have traditional transfer decals.

  • ummm dibs?

  • I have a few sets of 650c :)

  • This is gonna be good

    Saddle is a banger

  • No mine are also painted on, but for some reason on the non-drive side it looks like someone has purposefully tried to chip the serotta logos off... bit strange. Not sure what happened...

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Serotta Tri-Colorado 650c

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