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  • I wasn’t sure if there was a thread for this already. But I have an IT question.

    Why can I not connect my laptop using a hdmi cable and a hdmi/dp connector to my work monitor.

    Once connected up it just says no signal. So what’s the solution that doesn’t involve buying another laptop or screen? VGA/hdmi connector?

  • Try turning it off & turning it back on again.

  • Have you made sure that your laptop external output is enabled? Normally a fn key combo on the keyboard for switching between displays...

  • Fn key combo???

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  • If you press the FN key and one of the F keys (F1, F2 etc) then it performs certain actions. Normally FN + Fx enables or disables the external display output.

    I think its Fn + F4 in your case. Plug in the cable to your laptop and monitor and try that.

    If that doesn't work, tell me what laptop you have and i'll check if its possible that external output is disabled in BIOS.

  • Imagine I have the IT skills of a Gibbon so need thing dumbing down

  • hdmi cable and a hdmi/dp connector

    so you are doing displayport out-> hdmi in, not vice versa (cos that is harder)?

  • Normally a fn key combo

    okay m8 no need to be rude

    PC DisplayPort to Monitor HDMI should work. Not sure if you can go PC HDMI to DisplayPort monitor as easily. Maybe needs an adapter?

  • okay m8 no need to be rude

    I lold

  • Hp pavilion

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  • Hdmi to display port connector

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  • Can I have your username?

    Can you spell that for me?

    Please hold

  • Have you tired pressing FN and F4 at the same time?

  • Windows-P?

    I have the same brand of DisplayPort > HDMI adapter connecting from my laptop to a HDMI port in my monitor.
    I don’t believe you can go the other way, that simply with that bit of kit.
    Think of it as a step down transformer that converts one-way.

  • Brings this up. Also monitor keeps switching its self off

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  • Select ‘Extend’? DO EET.

  • Same story

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  • I just googled this for you. You need an active adapter.

    Mods plz lock this thread.

  • An active adaptor, interesting.

  • .

  • This is the right question I think.
    I'm on my mobile but it's difficult to see what the output port is from the laptop. Hdmi and display port look quite similar.
    Basically what are your output options from the laptop - hdmi / displayport or usbc (this is less likely)
    And what are your input options to the monitor?

  • i won

  • Doesn't your monitor have an HDMI input as well as DP?

  • Hdmi on the laptop

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  • Sorry for the simple question...i've just never seen a monitor with a DP that doesn't have HDMI although that probably reveals my lack of knowledge more than anything.

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Hello I.T helpdesk

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