Kit Check- 2020 LFGSS kit order + winter garms

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  • Following on from the caps.
    There is a high chance of setting up a kit order.
    We need to have 10 + of each of the following to proceed.
    Kit design as per @6pt (I’m on my phone but will furnish with photos later.
    Made by Milltag.
    My thoughts were:
    Aqua Jacket (think Gabba) which will be c £90

    Pro jersey c £80

    club jersey c £70

    MTB long or short sleeve c £55

    Skinsuits are a possibility at c £120 each.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • I'd take MTB, either LS or SS, and probably some kind of jersey.

  • Interested pending design

  • ooo could be keen on an Aqua. Thanks for sorting all this.

  • I’d probably go for a club jersey... as my pro jersey from the last order is a little tight

  • Aqua jacket is tempting.

  • Long sleeve mtb here

  • subscribed, maybe for a jersey, looking forward to the designs

  • though would also go club jersey if the numbers didn't work out

  • Will be reusing the iconic 6pt designed piece as the basis.

  • Thanks. I have that skinsuit already so I'll pass on these

  • It’s not just a skinsuit that we’re ordering. In fact the skinsuits are likely to be the lowest priority, even though I think they’re the best thing we made last time round.

    It is also- our ‘club’ kit.

    The MTB stuff will- in my mind- double up as our gravel offering.

    I quite want some...

    Anyways- I’m not a designer, just trying to get some nice kit to people before Christmas.

    Also- note this is the basis- final designs to be posted towards end of week/ beginning next week.

  • Yeah sorry, I realise that. I just won't get more of the same design across several pieces

  • I’d do a jersey for sure

  • Definitely interested in the gabba and jersey

  • Pro jersey

  • interested in some sort of jersey and possibly MTB

  • Down for a jersey

  • I'd like both a short and a long sleeve pro jersey, possibly an aqua too.

  • Intrigued by the aqua...

    And a pro jersey of some description.

    I'll definitely buy something though.

  • Also thanks for getting something rolling.

    I agree about the skinsuits, I really like mine, even though I feel like a bit of a wally wearing it most of the time. It's a great bit of kit.

  • Oh yeah. An aqua jersey too

  • Pro jersey and probably an Aqua if funds allow

  • Same here. Would be interested in a pro jersey and an aqua.

  • Interested in an MTB and aqua

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Kit Check- 2020 LFGSS kit order + winter garms

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