VW Transporter Kombi T6 LWB T32 van. Perfect cyclists vehicle.

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  • A few pics. Description to follow. Then more pics.

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  • Change in circumstances means I'm doing the boring and sensible thing of selling my beloved van. My loss will be someone else's life enhancing gain.

    2016 VW Transporter Kombi T6 LWB T32 Bluemotion 140 bhp 2.0L diesel 6 speed manual van. Registered new on 12th April 2016. Originally a Highline spec but it was extensively upgraded when I bought it with Sportline splitter, spoiler, roof bars and side bars so looks like a Sportsline now.

    Other upgrades:

    20" alloys lowered 40mm on Cobra springs.
    Fully carpet lined and insulated.
    Roof is suede lined and has 6 LED spots fitted, 4 in the ceiling, 2 in the tailgate which gives great illumination as well as shelter when loading at the rear of the van.
    Blue LED "mood lighting" in the roof. I didn't ask for this as I've never intended to use it as a mobile strip club, but it's got its own switch so it's use is optional. It's quite gimmicky but also amusing and definitely adds something to the van.
    An additional double USB socket fitted to rear seat area.
    It has anchor loops in the floor and I had 8 additional mini anchor loops added to the internal walls of the van for making securing bikes easier using bungy cords.
    A electronic button release was added to the tailgate so it can be used for getting changed in etc without the need to climb over the seats to get out. With the privacy glass in the rear and tailgate no one can see in 👍
    I upgraded the bulbs as the standard ones were frankly terrible. So I had VW fit what they call night breaker bulbs. Much better, but still not as good as the LED headlights if honest.

    Other features:
    Heated rear and front screens.
    DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity for phone and audio.
    Multifunction steering wheel with cruise control.
    Air conditioning.
    Rear parking sensors.
    Drivers seat is a "captains chair" which basically means lots of adjustment and 2x arm rests. Very comfortable for long journeys.
    The other front seat is a double with a great storage chest under the seat. Which makes it a 6 seater.
    The rear seats are a block of 3 that can be removed entirely to give it collosal load carrying capacity with 3 passengers. Even with all 6 seats in place the LWB means the carrying capacity is still enormous. I've done 2 week family holidays with 5 bikes and all the kit you could possibly wish for with ease.
    Both the rear seats and the front 2 passenger seats can also be folded down for extra space without the need to remove anything.

    Full VW Commercial Vehicles service history. I recently had the 4 year/120k mile service done at VW Commercial Vehicles in Tonbridge. This consisted of the major service and oil/filters change etc as well as a new water pump and cambelt. Annoyingly the cam belt is due every 120k or 4 years. Mine only had 37k on it at the time, but needed doing based on age so it got done. Wipers front and rear replaced too.

    I also had a brake service done last November so brake fluid change etc. I also had the front discs and pads replaced at that time and the rear discs and pads were all replaced at the recent service in July. So they're all sorted too.

    Anything it's needed I've had done (receipts to show) but critically the service book has full dealer stamps etc.

    Current mileage is 39873 but that might creep a little as I use it occasionally still.

    MOT til 14th July 2021. Tyres at time of MOT (2k miles ago) had 4mm depth on the front and 5mm depth on the rear so plent of life in them yet.

    The best news for any private buyer of this van is that the VAT has already been paid. If you're unfamiliar with buying a van, most prices you see quoted are excluding VAT so there's usually 20% on top of the advertised price. Most low mileage, low age vans like this have been commercially owned rather than privately owned so they've had a hard life but also Rishi and Co haven't had their pound of flesh yet. So the first private buyer gets to pay tax on top of the sale price. This van is privately owned by me and has had its VAT paid, so no nasty surprise on this one.

    I'm offering it here for £23k which is still a lot of money obviously. But it's a bargain for a van in this spec and condition. It's perfect for a cyclist or outdoors person and probably prime for a camper conversion if you wanted. It easily takes a blow up double mattress in the back if you wanted to use it for that sort of thing too.

    I bought some snow chains for it for a trip to the alps which are unused and in their packaging still. I'll obviously include them.

    There are a few minor marks as you'd expect from a 4.5 year old vehicle but overall its in fantastic condition. Annoying the alloys have got some "spidering" on the polished face of the wheel (see pic). And I've only got 1 key with it (I only got 1 key when I bought it). Spare keys are available from VW Commercial.

    I realise Lfgss isn't a recognised place to sell vans but I'd rather it went to a good home ie a cyclist who will enjoy its benefits as much as I have. And I've priced it at a nice forum friendly price. But if it doesn't get interest fairly quickly then I'll probably move it to auto trader or ebay motors.

    Any questions please ask. Thanks.

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  • Much want, little collateral.


  • @Dammit Hits the sweet spot no?

  • Ha yeah, he's probably a candidate. It will swallow long low slack mtbs with ease. His roof rack woes could be a thing of the past :)

  • Hits the sweet spot for so many people. I am under absolute strict instructions never to buy something like this before I win the lottery...

    God I'd love one of these. Soz not for now...

  • These are great to drive, really comfy for long distance. GLWS

  • He's pretty much already there as it is no? I think his last post was two people/two bikes out somewhere.
    I mean, not really sure who he's kidding, the time has cometh for him and a T6.

  • Ha yeah, I agree. Everyone should have one of these. And the hurt of letting one go is worse than the yearn for one in the first place ;0)

  • TBH I prefer driving it to the car. Just a better driving position. And it usually means I'm going mountain biking or on holiday or both, so there's that too.

  • In fairness he's been chatting about a van for a while. I think mine was the original inspiration. He saw the joy it brings ;0)

  • Hnnnngh. Could carry both kids, dog and full compliment of bikes in that!
    Shame no money. GLWS

  • nice bus.
    sure you know about the T6 forum if it is not right for someone on here.
    these are very popular at the moment.
    the ultimate lifestyle machine

  • I'm offering it here for £23k which is still a lot of money obviously. But it's a bargain for a van in this spec and condition.

    Fuck me much, much want

  • I too would like this van. The Mrs has suggested that we should prioritise funds for moving house over a van, unless we decide to park the moving house thing for now.

    A quandary.

  • Clearly the answer is both

  • @PhilDAS should buy it so he can go collect bike parts all over London!

    Starting with a rear mech in Catford.

  • Ha, much as I love the van, I'd not want to live in it exclusively.

  • Ha, no worries Neil. Probably best to go with the flow. I've never had much luck swimming against the tide when it's come to Mrs C. Doubly so when it comes to matters of the home.

  • I thought I needed an electric cargo bike for that

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VW Transporter Kombi T6 LWB T32 van. Perfect cyclists vehicle.

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