SS Gear Ratio's for Fair Edina?

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  • Hi folks,

    Single speed noob here trying to gauge a decent gear ratio for Edinburgh. (I know there are a lot of variables)

    Im currently running 46 - 16. Which is fine for the most part but after 3 or 4 climbs from Stockbridge up to Bruntsfield I am labouring big time.

    Having said that, im loving the man up or make it a little easier?

  • I’m in Cornwall so very hilly and run 48x17. Anything around 71-72gear inches works for me.

  • I run 73” and it gets me around town and the hills route ok.

    Fixed I run at 69” down south and find it good for hills, but occasionally light overall

    You are currently running 77”

  • Nice one chaps! I have now got my head around the numbers game and reckon 47/17 with 28c tyres should be the very man. Puts me at 73" will give that a bash.

    According to the calculator I used, I'm currently at 76" with 46/16 and 23c tyres.


  • Been on 48x18 on 28c for 10+ years now commuting from Leith into town, no major complaints besides having to avoid certain climbs: Bell's Brae just coming out of the Dean Village being one I skirt, just ascend the steps to the back of the swimming baths on Belford Road. Your legs will get used to it/the hills.

  • Another way to get used to it is to come one one of the hills rides

    Every Tuesday

    Few sweet fixehs and me on my SS....

  • I'd say just try a few ratios. Personally I prefer a lighter gear than @Ecobeard and others upthread, something in the low to mid 60s. It's about personal preference. But a rule of thumb is gear the single speed a bit lower than the fixed.

  • But a rule of thumb is gear the single speed a bit lower than the fixed.

    Of course I do the reverse of this πŸ˜‚

  • I'll take you up on that eventually! Should have my All City built up by next week fingers crossed Can't do fixeeeeh eh, cheese knees ken. I'm all brakes n no style.

    Im going to give 73" a bash n take it from there. Will work off a 47t chain ring.

    Also, i'm not commuting, im feeding lazy people....relatively successfully. Theres only so many times you can force yourself up the cobbles at 76" I'm finding.

    Cheers folks.

  • I'm all brakes n no style.

    Some would call my uncool but I've got a fixed with two brakes and I think it's ideal.

    I'd still say gear down if you have knee issues.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished build

  • There you go eh... Different strokes...

  • I'm in the dblebrk club as well, I think its waaay cooler than having brklss technology installed.

  • Are the Tuesday rides still happening? I'd be cheating with a 3 speed bike.

  • Sorry I missed this

    Yes it’s still on but we are already at the limit of 7 for this week

    Sign up to the forum and watch the IG though to get in early for two weeks time!

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SS Gear Ratio's for Fair Edina?

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