Goodbye LFGSS!

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  • These are great days we're living, bros and gals.

    We are cycling scene giants, cruising the Earth with fixed-gear bicycles. These people we rode with here today are the finest human beings we will ever know. After I rotate back to southern lands, I fear not having anyone around that's worth riding with.

    2020, a year of one thousand goodbyes, and here, finally, is my last to you guys, London, the UK, Europe, and the Northern Hemisphere.

    The most exciting chapter of my story is now finished. I arrived here as a pencil-neck running away from small-town minds, travelled the world and as a bonus, experienced the best of it in one city.

    Sacrificed so much blood to these streets, not one unknown, so I guess that makes me a Londoner now.
    The life in this city feels like the only one I've lived.

    I'd like to say thank you for sharing adventures and events and time with me.

    The things we did were special, even if I didn't always recognise that at the time or realise how rich the experiences had made me.

    Like the guy said, "fixed gear bicycles are just skateboards for people who need to go places".

    From the love of these simple bikes sprang a community, of which you can have as much (or as little) as you like. Community that takes a massive, alienating urban immensity and breaks it down to interlocking orbits of friends and acquaintances, groups and places. Making a big city feel like a small town, everytime you go out.

    I'd like to apologise too.
    Got a mouth on me, a bad attitude and creative flair for self-sabotage with a chip on my shoulder that could throw shade on continents..
    A lot of the time, the anger I picked up as a kid led me to disregard and disrespect good advice and great people.
    I'm always carrying gasoline for when there are bridges to be burnt..
    Sorry if I ever toasted your deal while roasting mine.

    In time I hope people can forgive me those moments of bad behaviour and remember instead some of the good things I did.

    One day I want to be in a place with open doors so anyone I've known in these times could be welcomed to stay a while and explore. If that ever happens I'll get the word out.

    Till then, please get through our new dark age.
    Take good care of yourselves until the pendulum swings back and this nuclear winter ends.

    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Riders flying around the hairpin at Thundercrit. I watched rear lights glitter in the distance on the way to Deal. All those moments will be locked in time, like dents in a frame. Time to fly.

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  • Best of luck in the next chapter.

  • See you J.
    Thanks for all the excellent fucking rides. Routes for the ages, them.
    Really glad you've finally managed to escape this place.

  • Glad you're finally getting out of this shitty shitty situation.

    Good luck for the future.

  • Had a check around that this wasn’t a suicide note... all checked out well.

    Great news, good luck MAthreeK!

  • Good luck with your new life down under. You contributed so much to this community and London has been better for your presence.

  • A pleasure knowing you in the actual flesh. Enjoy making your presence felt in pastures new.

  • Gracious post! Have fun Mak. Be lucky.

  • Wait what. Are you currently on an actual plane?

  • Shit, it's kinda dusty in here.

    Awesome post, awesome guy, awesome times.

    Thanks Jon.

  • Fingers crossed.

    Such a rubbish situation but you used it to contribute so much more. You'll be very much missed in person, but hopefully not in the unreal world.

  • Glad flights worked out eventually.... all the best and good luck.
    Thanks for your efforts on the London scene. We will all benefit from them for years to come.
    I personally got a couple of t shirts to remember you by. Peace and love.

  • I'm so glad you're going!

    But only because I know how much it's meant to you. So pleased you'll be reunited with your family (and cats) again.

    Have a great flight and don't be a stranger!

  • Auf wiedersehen, not goodbye. Hope things go well.

  • Lovely writings there Mak. Hope you're life in upside-down land is great. & thanks for the brill rides to the seaside.

  • #on your rides I rode a bike further than I ever would have without the inspiration. Good luck for the future.

  • Nice to meet you dude, all the best for the future👊

  • We did not know he was coming, but we were glad he came. We did not know where we were going, but we were always glad we went.
    Thanks, John. Safe flight!

  • Thanks for the amazing things you did for the scene, man x

  • Nothing but great and memorable times with you, next exciting adventure begins for you! Best of luck

  • What a fucking awesome video. Nice one geez

  • So relieved to read that you are going to be able to move on. Hope the next phase is a success.

  • What a fucking awesome video. Nice one geez

    It's just amazing how many bikes John has, no wonder it took so long to move them all. I reckon that's what was really holding everything up.

  • "fixed gear bicycles are just skateboards for people who need to go places"

    Thats great I am stealing that. All the best for the future John. I didnt meet you but thanks for the blender. Bon chance!

  • Thank you John. Go and revel in your family and new home. Safe onward journey.

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Goodbye LFGSS!

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