All City Big Block - First Try

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  • Awrite Troops!

    New to the forum, so thanks for having me! I bought a cheapy single speed on Gumtree (please dont ask what it was) to bomb about the city on (Edinburgh) and while I already have 5 steeds in the stable I was bitten by this particular two wheeled bug and so here I am with my first ever bike build project.

    Hoping you lads n lassies will be nice enough to let me bounce ideas and ignorance off ya!

    So as I am sure you are aware this is an 2020 All City Big Block and yes, I genuinely love the colour way, so there! (From Billy Bisland Cycles, Glasgow. Awesome shop!) Also, this will be built up with F+R brakes, I have a fairly bad case of the Cheese Knees after a disagreement with a Taiwanese taxi which I guess you could say I lost.

    Now this is when the ignorance comes in...the planned build...if something is wrong or doesn't work feel free to furnish me with your scorn and disdain.

    Wheels: Being built up locally, happy with that.
    Brakes: Shimano 105 with BLB CNC levers.
    Headset: Cane Creek 40 Series.
    BB: Had Shimano UN55 110mm fitted...before I knew you match up square taper BB to crankset.
    Crankset:...Christ knows! I think I want the Andel (TRS21-7122) that All City rebrand, trying to make that happen. Scared of Miche. If I have to, I would go with Sugino 75 if I can find them reasonably priced in black.
    Tyres: Some 28 Gatorskins, I guess.

    Everything else, finishing kit et al, will be bits I have lying around, riser bar for now.

    So, what laughable omissions and mistakes have I made? :o)

  • Love these frames, 52? Pretty sure you'll need standard drop (or long drop as a lot of people call them) brakes. If so 105 are short drop and won't have the reach. Cranks have gotten silly expensive these days but hubjub normally have good prices on Andel's (and other parts for that matter). I found Gatorskin on the back with a 4 season on the front is a nice compromise in grip and durability. What rims are you going for? Would recommend kinlin XR22t in a highish spoke count or TB14 if you don't mind a little more weight. They both have an all silver version which look nice (similar to the wheelset in the All City promo shots). Also, wide bars are a lot of fun on frames like these.

  • These are the £49 hubjub Andel's on my old Argos which work with the 110mm BB. Good cranks for the price and looked great with a silver ring as well.­eed-fluted-cranks-144bcd-189-p.asp

  • I can vouch for those Andels. Absolutely solid. I'd avoid anything from BLB as it's just generic rebranded stuff.

  • 55 mate, 565 top tube.

    Ya see, that's a new one to me with the short mid long reach calipers. They're in the post so I can check and document the result.

    A boy I've been going to for years builds a good wheel and he's building from the supplier, 30mm,sapim spokes good solid hubs, unbranded no frills, hopefully bomb proof but black black black which is the aesthetic I'm going for.

    Yeah I saw those Andels, didn't like that classic look for this but they do look good there so they're a possibility for sure.

  • Yeah I am trying to but again was surprised at how difficult it is to find nice cable brakes levers.

  • The frame specs list the "brake mount type" as "Rim, Short Reach". On the other hand the build specs list the brake set as "Tektro R539, mid reach, front installed". It may be that the build comes with these particular brakes as they give the flexibility of accommodating larger tyres (the frame is rated to 32mm). If you are only going to use 28mm tyres, you might be alright with 105 brakes (as the recent versions officially fit up to 28mm).

  • Yeah I noticed that. I think the 105 R7000 fall within the bracket of mid reach and take a max of 28mm. They've arrived so I'll have a look. No wheels yet though.

  • Update on cranks. Emailed Hubjub to see about the Classic Andels and John said he had put an order in and expected them end of the week.

    I also set Johnny from Andel on the quest of getting me some of the ones I wanted. Seems like they will be made up and shipped, but within a month. Would work out slightly cheaper than rebranded versions, complete with 47T cog. I'm keen to see how this works out. Requested a "stealth black".

  • Tried the 105's, too short by a baw hair! Which is a shame because they are decent looking things as far as modern brakes go.

    So, returning them for Shimano R451 I reckon. TRP RG957 are another option but double the price.

    Hoping flat bar lever compatibility wont be an issue?

  • Hoping flat bar lever compatibility wont be an issue?

    Look out for Shimano R550 or Tiagra 4700 flat bar levers, discontinued now but they can still be found.

    Those TRP's are really nice brakes (I had them) but the R451 should be fine. Some of the Tektro's are useless but I believe there is a version very similar to the TRP and someone here may know the model.

  • I’ve got a Tektro R539 on my Big Block with 32c Pasela’s. Everything clears & it stops the bike pretty well. Using an old gold finger bmx lever as that’s what I had in my parts box

  • I'm inclined to believe that anything that pulls the wire will work. The BLB CNC levers arrived anyway, nothing special but nice enough.

    Sorted out some of the black Andel fluted cranks through Hubjub so thats that sorted.

    Headset has gone walk about with Hermes (shock and indeed horror) but should arrive in the next 2 days (naive) then I'll set aside time to build.

  • Made some progress.

    All I'm waiting on is my wheels, so this is as far as I can get at the minute before I can work out stem height and fit cables confidently etc.

    Really enjoying the process...might build a gravel bike next.

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All City Big Block - First Try

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