Removing glue from fluidisks.

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  • I'm trying to remove old layers of tub glue from a fluidisk. Any ideas of what kind of chemicals is safe to use?

    I've used acetone and white spirit on alu rims quite successfully, but i'd hate to risk damaging the kevlar or the glue attaching it to the rim on these.

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  • Interesting.. I've not seen one without the drilled titanium rims. I've also reglued tubs onto much more leftovers on a fluidisk with drilled rims and been fine.

  • I really like assembling clean parts in new builts.

    Is there any way to remove the hub? Is the chainline adjustable on these?

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  • Looks like a road hub converted to track. The chain like can technically be adjusted but I’ve only ever done it by accident

  • That's what i thought as it is also a bit wider than 120mm . But then again it has reverse lockring threading... Strange beasts these ones.

  • Sugino make a little abrasive rubber disk that goes in your drill especially for tub rims

  • The tubular thread is what you're after.

    tl;dr Effeto Mariposa Carogna.

  • Thanks! Both of the suggestions seem to be what i was looking for.

  • Don’t use acetone on these. Pretty sure it’ll hurt the Kevlar.

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Removing glue from fluidisks.

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