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  • I was invited by Donald to re-order my Vigorelli on 25th Nov (after my previous order was cancelled) and received it on 11th Jan. Donald told me this was one of the last orders that went out and they had to cancel all others after, so I reckon even an early December order would'nt have made the cut-off.

  • Posted some photos of it on the Vigorelli thread but here it is:

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  • Lovely colour!!

  • Mid-2021 is what I've read from some articles

  • Thanks! It's Oxford Blue enamel if you were curious.

  • What are you plans for the build!

  • Building this up to be a lovely fair-weather bike for enjoyment and frontin', while my Steamroller will remain the fugly utilitarian brute for commuting and shit weather.

    I'll prob start a thread soon in Current Projects as I've got everything sorted apart from drivetrain.

  • Looking forward to seeing it :)

  • New Instagram for anyone who is interested.

  • Looking forward to seeing where it goes

  • Saw this earlier - your work? Yay for continued mention of paint shop.

  • Just built up this baby after getting the frame from @Pancake and thought I’d share over here! Originally meant as a beater with a mishmash of parts, and gradually decided it was too nice for that.. Now all it’s missing is a silver 135BCD crank, and forgive the poor bar tape wrapping! Currently trying to figure out how I can still use this locked up around London with that saddle.. and also trying to concurrently figure out if my ass/thighs like the saddle or not!

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  • I wouldn't risk the saddle if I were you, I've had them nicked in the past...

  • You need two good locks anyway, so make one a chain that goes thru your chosen immovable object, rear wheel and saddle.

  • I wouldn't use a Brooks locked up around town unless you can secure it. Too many low lifes know how sellable they are.
    Short stops I use my patented Tesco carrier bag technique. Got away with it so far.

  • Nice, I like the mismatch crank, gives it character. Keep it safe, like others have said!

  • I had a Brook's B17 saddle stolen in Shoreditch within a year of purchase, but then I started covering my Swallow with either a plastic bag or a rain cover and no issues so far when parked (8-9 yrs).

    But more importantly,.. Nice Bike @youClown!

  • That's one of the worst bar tape jobs I've seen in a while haha

  • Wanted it on in a hurry and told myself I’d redo it at some stage.. don’t judge!

    Re. The saddle, am considering a shower cap seat cover (how does one secure a tesco bag?) but currently am looping my chain through it as @Skülly has suggested. Chain is just about long enough though, so will make locking around bigger objects a pain if it ever gets to it.. it’s a shame but I’m considering swapping out a saddle just for the peace of mind of being able to lock up and come back to a bike I can still ride home!

    On an unrelated note; for the more knowledgeable amongst you, does anyone know if this 753 specimen is likely to date from the early 90s..?

  • This has sent me down a wonderful Bappi wormhole today! Very much enjoying this:­i0HBMYWxifg3S?si=ZwGf86PBRxy7ViB7dEcqXg

  • Good choice!­Jq0

    Video has some sweet Mithun dance moves.

  • For saddle security you could always take and old track chain, loop it threw the seat and rear stays, also put the chain in an old innner tube to protect paint and finally a bag taped around the saddle as cruedly as possible.

    Iv done this in the past for brooks protection and it seemed to work.

  • You can also get hexlox to fit the saddle and seat post Alan key bolts.

  • For years, pre-lockdown, the missus regularly left her bike locked to a street rack all day with a cr@ppy carrier bag tied over her Brooks. One of those horrible padded saddle covers might do the trick also?

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Bob Jackson Cycles

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