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  • Blimey, that's quite a surprise

  • Holy crap - had heard rumours but that wasn't on the website when I checked. Am a bit surprised they've not been able to find anyone to take over - AIUI they did a lot of respraying for other builders.

  • Well that’s shit news.

  • What a shame. I would have loved to learn to build bikes there, I'm also surprised they couldn't find anyone new given the popularity of new framebuilders.

  • Wow. Isn't there a thriving industry in training up framebuilders? Is it just a location thing?

  • It's grim 'up north' *Ducks

  • Isn't there a thriving industry in training up framebuilders?

    Within the M25, perhaps. Bob Jackson weren't sexy enough.

  • They were production/OTP frames, rather than influencer-approved custom stuff, but given wait times etc. they always seemed busy.

  • Seems a bit, I dunno, weird?
    Has it gone into receivership or have the owners just had enough?
    Ok, so I’m not in Leeds but if I was and worked there I’d be thinking, ‘Well, this could work with an injection of Gubmint cashGrant and get some apprenticeships going” or am I hopelessly optimistic?

  • Plus as @Thrustvector hints at, get all SM influencer on it?

  • That is really sad... hopefully mercian survive. Always wanted to order one or the other at some point.

  • I was at there shop last weekend and they look busy

  • Now I Regretting selling my bob jackson

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  • By the way its not grim up north

  • Agree that it seems strange.

    I’ve seen Brompton advertising jobs a fair bit, they are too far down the country and I don’t really fancy living in/near London. I’ve seen Shand advertising jobs but their salaries are frankly atrocious. I’ve never seen BJ advertise that they were interested in or looking for staff.

  • They will be sadly missed, great value frame and fantastic paint jobs.
    Its sad that the structure of working your way up doesn't exist in small firms like these.
    I remember the owner of mercian talking about how he got his Saturday job there as boy after meeting the then owner on a club ride only to take the firm over when he eventually retired years later.
    I still have hope they can be bought out, it got great base and huge potential, surely some local business man could be interested.

  • Is Planet X going to start selling BJ bikes like they did work Holdsworth? Or someone like Planet X...

  • Some of the frames were made in uk. But I doubt they'll take them. It wouldn't fit the business model unfortunately.

  • That's a great shame, saw a lovely Bob Jackson out the other day with Campagnolo and Royce components. They were the perfect vehicle for "modern groupset on an 'old' frame" projects.

  • They seem to have removed the announcement from their website now, so perhaps they've had a change of heart?

  • By the way its not grim up north

    True, but they are a bit 'fast and loose' with their punctuation:)

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Bob Jackson Cycles

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