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  • haha none whatsover - I got one free on the same promo last year too and haven't found a use for it as yet. was hoping to nick YOUR ideas.

  • I have one on my desk, and I don't do anything fancy with it, but find I always defer to it for quick maths and to add reminders for tasks, shopping lists etc. Basically little things that I would normally have to open a browser tab and type, but can just say out loud instead.

    Never try to use them while on a call though. A client of mine had a nest too and wouldn't stop setting mine off.

  • thanks. I'll probably just end up using it as a radio (assuming it has that function built-in)

  • Kitchen timer, alarms and reminders have been the only regular use I've found for mine...

  • great work on the home office. As it appears to be sliding off-topic is there another thread re how people are using Google nest mini/Google home/Alexa etc?

  • haven't found a use for it as yet.

    My BT kitchen speaker broke not long before the Spotify deal came up so originally planned to use it for music.

    TBH we've found it great. Good enough sound for a kitchen. We use it for;

    • casting music and radio,
    • timing food,
    • asking the current temperature and weather forecast
    • Misc. questions

    Imo it's perfect for a kitchen as everything is voice controlled including volume.

  • Need to fix the cable mess

    How much space is there behind the peg board? As its already got holes it seems perfect for mourning things then running the cables behind.

  • there is room for some cables but - if I wanted to run it low (ie, close enough to hide cables) i'd nee to move the monitor closer to me because the arm takes up a bit of room.

    I think I can definitely be a bit smarter with how i manage the cables, just will take a bit of effort.

  • Tidied up the cables and took some inspo from @Soul with a under desk laptop harness

  • Nice! An optical illusion which makes the peg board looked curved as well? Is the shelf on a slope?

  • I think it's just because the top of the monitor cuts over the bottom of the board

  • Nice! I'm moving my office to another room over the next week so need to set my desk up again. Will be moving the location of my sling but definitely keeping it. Such an easy way to hide the laptop.

    Jealous of the pegboard.

  • Yeah! Looks great, well done. Hope it proves good for work.

  • What monitor arm are you using?

  • A Japanese kit version is discussed in the Guardian. In this case it is inside a narrow shed:


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