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  • Looks good, as others have said you won't notice the gap once the desk is in use.

    Having a gap isn't a problem with stuff falling off. I have sit/stand desk so I can't have it up against a wall on any side. Just don't put too much crap on the desk to begin with and nothing can really fall off.

    As for minimalism, you'll need wires for anything that needs wires regardless of where they come up (either through a hole or the gap). The biggest wins for minimalism are wireless keyboard/mouse (and headphones), and shifting the computer/laptop off the desk.

    The other obvious option for getting rid of the clamp is a wall mount for the monitor, but you need something quite adjustable if you want to account for future monitor upgrades.

  • Wireless mouse is sorted. I thought same for keyboard but my work laptop doesn't let me use Bluetooth peripherals so I'll need to sell my keychron and get some mechanical keyboard with a receiver.

    I have a nice set of steelseries wired headphones that I quite like so will probably keep.

    I thought about wall mounting monitor but the desk arm just gives me more flexibility and either way I'd need wires from monitor to computer (fuck burying them in the wall) so why not have them running down the desk arm, which is a relatively neat solution.

  • sell my keychron

    talk to me

  • K2 with standard abs caps, slight shine but really pretty minimal. US layout with the @ and " symbols being swapped.

    Once I've found a replacement, I'll let you know. I was thinking about a logitech 915 tkl but realised they don't charge via USB c which put me off

  • OK, first iteration is done.

    Aware the monitor isn't centered, but cba fixing that right now as it means I have to lift the desk out to adjust. Happy to wait til I get the new monitor to save having to do it twice.

    To do -

    Buy and fit pegboard
    Fit shelves (extra cuts frm the Birch worktop, cut earlier this week)
    Hook up gaming PC
    Cable tidying above and below desk
    Mount laptop (w/USB-C cable) to pegboard, connect to new monitor.
    New mouse mat (current one is several years old)
    Find some artwork for the walls
    Find a new keyboard that works with a 2.4ghz receiver as Bluetooth is a no no
    3rd Sand and coat with Danish oil

    Have I forgotten anything?

  • Some speakers?

  • Not sure whether acoustics would be awful, and also distracting, so headphones seem like the better bet here.

  • Tbh I don't really use speakers. Headphones are all I need but if that ever changes, adding in some wee USB speakers to the pegboard will probably be easy enough

  • If im working, it's headphones to avoid feedback on calls

    If I'm gaming, it's headphones so I can chat or be immersed.

    I generally watch TV and films on my actual TV, with a soundbar

  • I'm working for home due to our mutual "friend" - Covid

    At the office i used mainly headphones, but at home i do preffer speakers, and, only on the moments that i really need to be 200% focused that's when i change to the headphones. that was the reason why i told that speakers would be ace :)

  • Making the most of my pal's router to make these shelves from the left over worktop. Should look nice in there. Need maybe another pass with the router - hard to do this stuff on a kitchen table with 3 year old 'helping' and then a sand and some oil too.

  • Where can I see the cargo bike storage? You dont have a thread for that :(

  • cause i didn't build it! A pal of mine -¬≠/ - built it for me. I did a sketch of what I wanted and what it would be used for and away he went.

    Happy to share 3d render if that's helpful?

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