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  • nice stain effect paint to hide wank stains !

    (sorry I have nothing but wank jokes for this)

  • pls dont think of me when you have your first wank in there though

  • How did it go doing that edge? Finger and toe count check..?

  • I found the router can "jump" a bit sometimes. Not sure if that's poor tools, poor technique, normal or what.

    Read up on climb cutting Vs regular cutting. Can help with technique knowing the difference

  • Good to know the jargon, thanks. If I recall correctly I started cutting in the "wrong" direction and switched to the other direction for better control.

  • no time to work on it quite yet - likely it'll be next week before i get child free time during the day!

  • your contributions are valued amey

  • Just a thought, but will you have enough power socket there if only one double socket mounted? or planning to go with expansion lead underneath the table?

  • Routing done. Messed around with a spate bit of wood to get it to where I wanted. All digits still attached.

    Bonus pic of my very professional set up, using my kids mud kitchen as a work top with an array of clamps

    Sanding (240 then 320) and Danish oil (3 coats) to come.

  • Yeeeeea good looking...

  • Yeah will be attached a multi plug on the under side, hopefully most cables will be neatly hidden away

  • Slight issue in that the monitor mount leaves a gap that I can't even up without cutting more out of the door frame.

    Seeking opinions on whether the gap is too unseemly - I can drill a hole thru the desktop and mount the arm that way, leaving much less of a gap and everything closer to straight.

    One advantage of leaving it the way it is, is that it gives me greater cable routing options.

    (first coat of oil on)

  • You could scribe and cut out a bit where the mount will live. Then push the surface back against the wall again. No flexibility about future monitor position though..

  • I think it would annoy me having the gap, losing things down it etc, but maybe all good for you. You know your personality to know if it'll be a pain or not.

  • If that was my desk, I would absolutely love with it and love it. Good work.

    Disclaimer: I have three kids, two of them ruin anything nice that I have or make.

  • The gap may be useful for running wires down anyway

  • I'd leave it as an intentional gap.

  • Not with the wall fixings underneath. A couple of specific cabling holes would look much nicer IMO

  • I'm not sure how often anyone would look down the line of the wall once there is a monitor, peg board and random crap on the desk to notice the wall fixings?

    If its a bother, you could stick a brush pile strip on the back, to plug the gap (obvious draught isn't going to be a concern) and might also stop cable rattle?

  • The battens only cover approx the central third of the worktop so plenty of room for wires. I think I will leave it - being able to move the arm if needed (I want to upgrade to 34" at some point) is useful tbh and in terms of losing things @whatfriends I'm hoping to have as clear a desk as possible tbh so hopefully losing things won't happen much.

    Thanks @doubleodavey - I have two kids but more importantly, a lock on the door when I'm not in there!

  • I think it looks great and that you will not notice the gap when you're using the desk.

  • The strip is a nice idea, thanks!

  • My monitor stand (looks similar to yours) came with a fitting that allowed for a relatively small hole to be drilled to bolt the stand to the desk rather than clamp around the back.

  • But, the gap might be handy for feeding wires etc for stuff in future.

  • Yeah mine has that too - just wondered about the merits of either approach. I think I'm sold on using the clamp.

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