Is my headtube bent?

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  • I was expecting to drop the top bearing in by hand, but it looks like it's a bit tight on the front (blue arrow) and a bit wide on the side (red arrow).

    Is this common in alloy frames or did it take a hit in transit? (New frame)
    Also, should I just use force and press it in or is there a more sophisticated way to sort this out? Will it impair the performance of the bearing?

    Apologies for the total noob question

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  • They don't always drop in, might need to give it a slight tap with your hand, if it's so tight that it's deforming the bearing then it's damaged I'm afraid

  • But should go in by hand right? Not press stuff

  • Not always, I’ve had to pop a few in with a plastic mallet. But they shouldn’t need to be pressed in.
    I can’t really tell from the pic, but is the bearing fully level or is it slightly wonky? Can give take a pic from side on?

    It could be that the head tube has distorted slightly during welding, rather than a bend. But if the bearing won’t fit then it back to the dealer, I’d say.

  • Before or after the rubber mallet treatment?

  • @giofox if it helps you can borrow a digital vernier gauge from me, I'm in E11. I have no idea what the tolerances on the stuff like this is but if you're sending it back at least you're armed with some info.

  • After. Is the bearing sitting squarely in the head tube in that photo, but there’s still a gap?

  • It wasn't perfectly square in the photo.

    With a bit of love it went in "by hand" followed by a few tap with a hammer and a flat piece of wood.

    Thanks all for the tips!

  • hippy's top tips #276: Same time and angst! Always start with the hammer.

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Is my headtube bent?

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