Rapha clothing (mostly cold-weather); tires

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  • Hello there, a bunch of stuff for sale; all items located in Amsterdam (NL) and can be shipped at relatively low cost (about €8-10 without Track & Trace, about €15-20 with).

    1. Rapha Core Cargo shorts, size Medium. Don't get on with the pad; worn a handful of times. €50
    2. Rapha Core bib tights, size Large. Too big for me; worn about a dozen times. €SOLD
    3. Rapha Winter Cargo tights, size Large. Also too big for me. Worn a handful of times, some "cracks" in the reflective patches on the calves, other than that in top condition. €155
    4. Rapha Winter Windblock jersey, size Medium. Bought on here. Very warm and windproof but I prefer the racier fit stuff. €SOLD
    5. Rapha Pro Team training jacket, size Large. Wore this the last couple of winters and have looked after it well (washed carefully and re-proofed with Nikwax). €SOLD
    6. WTB Resolute tires 42x700 (pair); have about 1200km on them; decent condition. €30
    7. Conti GP4000 S2 25x700 (pair); good condition. €SOLD
    8. Conti GP5000 23x700 (single); only about 200km so excellent condition. €15
  • Pics of tires

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    • 2161040C-99A2-4021-B275-C7BC5A29FE62.jpeg
    • 383576B7-61C9-487A-BC7B-1579CC6359F6.jpeg
    • 62F39F7E-E709-4AA7-9139-D2FA402E7A62.jpeg
    • 68362B37-E02A-46A7-A7D0-9C83A168709B.jpeg
  • Pics of tops

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    • 2771838F-E616-47F2-894F-EC1CC4145648.jpeg
    • 52BD326B-01D4-4DC4-8DB0-EC92E6D732F4.jpeg
    • EAB287AA-4179-4C6C-AF4C-B745BECC2DB8.jpeg
    • 7E663C48-775F-4DF6-84E0-37BA38EB2DC0.jpeg
  • Pics of core tights and shorts

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    • 911FF6B5-1E5C-40BE-8FBB-2B683754E9E7.jpeg
    • B07CCB59-E3FF-478A-87EE-18E253BE4158.jpeg
    • 06DE974B-C0FE-4B88-8770-43577EEDFE5C.jpeg
    • DAEFD545-3C21-4E5A-86D2-AA10B405C6A2.jpeg
  • .

  • Pics of Cargo tights

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    • F8ADC83D-88D4-4B7C-B398-A92D6B8CE48E.jpeg
    • 3B7930E0-358F-43D1-8462-1DCF64BD2C36.jpeg
    • 2A628BDD-7A69-4459-A763-EEC3EE61840E.jpeg
  • Provisional dibs on the winter wind block jersey pending a bit more info. Do you have photos of the back? And with the zip fully open from the front? Is it in reasonably good condition? Thx!

  • Provisional 2nd dibs on the above too

  • Could you please tell me the pit-to-pit measurement on the pro team jacket with the jacket zipped up and not stretched? And also the total length of the rear of the jacket including the collar?
    (Sorry for the faff.)

  • Pics of the windblock Jersey. It’s in really good condition, the only thing that isn’t is the “Rapha” in the inside of the neck that’s peeling off a bit.

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    • A9864A79-F078-4CC9-827A-4EDB4A0B0247.jpeg
    • 21798D6E-A1F0-479D-B1CF-8ED2047E72DC.jpeg
  • Pit to pit: ~47cm
    Back length incl collar: ~72cm

  • I have some “locals” checking out 2, 3, 5 this weekend and tomorrow so will update availability if anything changes.

  • Had PM dibs on windblock so that item is reserved pending payment, sorry just saw that now.

  • Ah damn ok, I’d like to take the jersey, let me know if that falls through

  • Very interested in the long sleeve jersey and bib tights if still available

  • Item 4 (windblock jersey) sold, rest still available.

  • Still interested?

  • Sorry I've been dithering. I think it'll probably be too warm for me. GLWS.

  • Prices updated

  • €10 off all clothing and €5 off tires before I put the lot on eBay

  • Conti 25mms and jacket sold, rest still up for grabs.

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Rapha clothing (mostly cold-weather); tires

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