6kg Ti fixed build

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  • I bought the bike below off eBay. It’s an XACD branded for some now defunct brand. I’ve rebrushed it so it looks new. I hated the handlebars so I went looking for something tradition but cheap. One thing led to another and the only original parts are going to be the frame/headset and wheels (for now). Below are the parts on order/delivered.

    Parlee forks
    3t superleggera team bars
    Rotor aldhu track cranks/BB
    9100 DA pedals
    Mcfk saddle
    KTM seatpost
    Miche chainring
    Halo sproket
    Gusset expresso chain
    Cinelli tape
    Uno 100g stem
    Sram 900 brake levers
    Sram red brake

    I’m using the DA 7600/mavic wheels but will be building up some Mack/lightbicycle wheels soon.

    With the old wheels it should be about 6.4kg but I should be able to get this down below 6kg with a 1.5kg wheelset.

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  • subbed.
    if you're plannig on ordering LB, keep me posted as am looking for a single rear rim myself

  • Count me in for a group LB order too.

  • Is it really any cheaper doing a group buy? If so wouldn’t it make more sense for a London based lad to organise it to save postage costs for most people?

  • Do you have a weight for the Gusset expresso chain?

  • it is because a single box is shipped, they also usually offer a discount starting from a few rims. also brake pads or extra brake pads can be thrown in for free.

  • 262g uncut.. Let’s see how it holds up

  • Looks great! Just needs mudguards, dynamo and a frame pump.

  • I’m working on how to fit mudguards. I’m thinking pdw but I’m not sure the rear hub will hold with the axle attachments.

    Edit: the 25mm veloflex measure just under 23mm so they’ll need replacing at some point.

  • you had any punctures on the veloflex? I gave up after the third..

  • No but I only get a puncture every few years. I’m in Cornwall, not a city.

  • Too busy to be doing this atm. It is cheaper as you don’t have to pay the paypal fees if you do a big order.

    @bjf all you need is to message them and they can give a you some sort of deal if you buy like more than 5 rims I think.

  • Sorry, wasn't suggesting you organised another order, just that you had done it in the past and may be able to help.

  • This is coming together. Just waiting on the brake levers and then I’ll cable and tape it. Sitting at 6.15kg now so should be just under 6.5kg.

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  • I’ll take some better shots when it’s good weather. 6.4kg so far. Some Mack/light bicycle wheels will get it sub 6kg.

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  • How does it ride?

  • I only went to the shop to pick up a few beers. It’s fine. Quick handling, the decent out the village into the next wasn’t disconcerting like it was on another very light bike I built. I have a trial day next Thursday for a new job so will ride it there and back. It’s just over 50k so it should be a good test ride.

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6kg Ti fixed build

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