Specialized Hardrock 16” rigid beater

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  • Tl;dr - Specialized Hardrock 16” rigid for sale. New front wheel and tyre, new brake pads and new saddle. Ratty yet reliable. £80 no offers. Collection Walthamstow high street.

    Bought this off someone on here in August, and one month later it was stolen from outside my house. I then saw it locked up on the street, told the cops, and they took it to their station and said to await their call. They just called and I’ll soon have it back! Trouble is, I bought another commuter in the meantime, so now have no need for this one, no lock, and nowhere to store it so need to sell it soon. I’ll be picking it up from the police station next week, so can add more pics then. For now, here’s one of the PCSO trying to cut the lock using a pair of trauma shears (spoiler: didn’t work)...

    Bought for £80 and would like to recoup my costs for the 2 d-locks that were stolen with it..

    • note that as I have no spare lock for this, you might have to meet me at the station (Walthamstow High Street) when I collect it.. will try to borrow a lock, but this seems like the easiest option. They’re open 10-4 Tues to Sat..

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  • Here’s a better pic from the seller I bought it from in Aug. Note, the basket was removed by the thief so it comes as seen above.

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  • Dibs - PM'd

  • £80 .. That’s a steal

  • Dibs if @ferriswheeler drops

  • "That’s a steal" very good!

  • Is that copper really cutting through a kryptoflex cable with a pair of kitchen scissors?

  • Trauma shears, but yes – still essentially scissors.

  • Third dibs(?) please! This looks like so much fun.

  • I’m surprised they didn’t work tbh.
    The things I’ve cut with them....

  • I Confess...thread >>>

  • I doubt this is still around but if it is dibs!

  • How did you remove the D lock then?

  • D lock is mine. I put it on the bike when I saw it there!

  • @speculoos did you sell it or still with you/police?

  • Haven’t had the time to pick it up yet

  • @ferriswheeler is coming to collect this tonight.

  • Gone


Specialized Hardrock 16” rigid beater

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