Carryin' baby cargo on cargo bike

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  • I'm awaiting the arrival of a baby and want to gain knowledge/tips on getting a cargo bike, putting a car seat on the front, and cyclin' about town.

    What kind of cargo bike?

    What kind of car seat?

    Anyone got experience/knowledge/opinions on the matter that I can learn from/disregard/pass off as my own?

    Cost is an issue but can probably make anything reasonable work with at least one saleable kidney.

  • I do this, I started doing it since she was 4 months old; in a car seat that is well secured inside the canopy.­

    Electric assist is a must in a city IMO. Not for lack of fitness, just to feel safe.

  • Another point is; buy it asap if possible on 12 month finance because when nursery outgoing begin you'd have cleared the bike.

    I do regret not buying a riese and muller load 60 as I couldnt stomach the £4k+ price tag, I really should have.

  • Lol - you really are a troll

  • Electric assist is a must in a city IMO. Not for lack of fitness, just to feel safe.


  • I get it, so you can keep up with the flow of traffic, excellerate out of trouble.

    Like you would on a sweet fixeh.

    Not a fan of electrics but this does make sense with a baby.

    Anyway, its just like his opinion man.

  • eBikes win!

  • Current power data (without assist) supplied for @fizzy.bleach number crunching (69kg atm).

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  • yeah i kind of get you but disagree. the gearing on my cargo bike (workcycles kr8) seems just about OK for where i live, with very similar infrastructure challenges.

  • sadly i don't understand anything about watts and stuff

  • Thanks. I lean towards non e-bike because of £ but think electricity may encourage my partner to get involved in child transportation.

    Anyone used an electric bakfiets?

  • No electric assist here. I don't live in the UK but I do live in a city...

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  • no scandi city dwellers allowed to comment

  • Willy waving for Mamils.

  • Sorry :-(

  • We went for the gazelle cabby (no not an e assist) for the simple reason that the adapters for a maxi cosi car seat are really good. A lot of the other big brands we tested (babboe, use rickety adapters which don’t feel super safe and clatter around a lot

  • Gazelle have a shiny new ebike next year which will probably also have decent adapters

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  • my mate's got that and rates it. he texted me yesterday to say make sure you get replacement stoppers for the roller brake grease ports (my bike has rollers, too)

  • Looking for options for a single baby only or would you like to use it when there is a baby and a slightly bigger child as well?

    Car seats take up a lot op space, if you are looking for option for two kids your options will be much more limited. You will nog be able to transport a baby and a two year in/on the cargo area of an Omnium or a Bullitt for instance.

  • @pez Thanks. Real info there. I'll have a look at the gazelles (initial thought is that they're a bit gross looking but that's nothing the sheen of utility can't brighten).

    @Wouter maximum adaptability for the future is preferential. Have not discussed timeline for multiple kids but initial kid was likewise undiscussed so 2 kids space is preferable (or 1 kid and a large bag of crap (no offence kid 2))

  • Have a look at carry me bikes as you can rent different cargo bike and see which you like most.

  • Thanks. I'll get testin'.

    A friend just got a bullitt so I'm going to try that out first.

  • London Green Cycles is similar

  • Re. London Green Cycles, I spoke to them a couple of months ago and they were really helpful. Give them a ring because their site isn't great.

  • After much testing of mates stuff and umming/aahing I got a Bulitt - (non-electric) - from SBC Cycles. Amazingly it turned up about a week after ordering - I had assumed that the was some kind of new-bike drought on from all I had heard.

    It is f***in' great. Got the Alfine 8 gears, and space for baby in a too large car seat and a large watermelon without stacking one atop the other.

    Think I'm gonna try and find a pre-isofix car seat to use in it though as it'll be smaller. Ratchet straps fasten reassuringly well.

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Carryin' baby cargo on cargo bike

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