40kg rated rack for 26 inch wheels

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  • Specific need for a rack per above, let me know if you have something. Only thing I can find for sure to buy new that fits the bill is a tubus cargo 26

  • 40kg or 35kg, basically has to be able to safely carry a seat & child 5-10yrs

  • I have one of these. I’m not selling it but it works fine on 26. Although it is very big and very heavy. It makes the bike like a bit cargo bikey.

    I bought it mainly for child seat purposes. Officially Tubus racks aren’t child seat compatiable. This was one of the few racks I could find that the manufacturer was prepared to stick their name on the line and say that it’s safe.


  • Tubus have a bit of a strange reasoning on their website

    ISO 11243:2016 requires that all luggage carriers with a carrying capacity of 27 kg or more automatically be approved for the attachment of child seats, too. In our opinion, transporting children on luggage carriers is dangerous, so we voluntarily restrict the carrying capacity of tubus luggage carriers to max. 26 kg, thus excluding the attachment of child seats and/or the transport of children on our carriers. This restriction has only the legal reasons mentioned above. tubus carriers are still tested with considerably higher luggage loads (which are specified for each product in brackets).

    Not sure why they think it's dangerous and in what situations.

  • From what I read it not the weight it’s the clamping force on thin tubes.

  • Thanks both, really helpful

  • To give you an idea about the thickness of tubes most alloy racks are going to be less than 500g and quite flexy when off the bike. That steco I bought is about 1.6KG with about 18mm tubing that I had to wrestle it on the bike because my rack mounts were 2mm wider than the rack. Once fitted I also sat my 14 stone on it before the child seat came anywhere near it. It’s a chunk.

  • I used one of these with the kiddie seat on. It’s designed to carry a child seat, it doesn’t give the Max weight. I still use mine as a regular rack.


  • I have one of these that I bought on here but don't really need.


    It says it's rated for 25kg but I would be amazed if it didn't take 35kg, it is a total unit. I wonder if the 26kg child seat thing is in play here also.

  • I’d just get a Thorn 531, rated for loads more, an agricultural kind of elegance, and you’ll have a Rack For Life afterwards.

  • This would be for child seat for a bigger kid, most of them are labelled 'junior' and rated up to 35kg which is the average weight of a 10y/o. Yepp and Polisport do versions, there is also a bobike junior seat which is seat post/stays mounted so if I dont find an appropriate rack that will be the solution

  • Where can I find these 'agricultural elegance' racks?

  • It's what Thorn call the 'Expedition'. They used to have slight seconds for cheap. But not at the mo. Full price is fairly eyewatering... but not compared to any stainless or Ti racks that Tubus do, or for that matter their painted steel racks. Voila!

  • I'm also asking for 26 inch specifc rack as the bike currently has a cheapo topeak fitted presumably made for 700c which sits 3 inches above the wheel, which on top of being stupid as it raises the weight, looks crap. It is also only 25kg rated so useless for kid purposes. It also sits too high to allow for the seatpost/stay mounted option of the bobike. Might just get the bobike and abandon the idea of a rack entirely, proving to be a bit of a ballache

  • Wow. With the right bolts I could sit on this myself!

  • Can show you a clearance pic of one around 26x2.1" tyres, with mudguards. I had to fashion a spacer at the bottom end to clear calipers on old-school disc mount position.

  • Thanks. I don't actually have disc brakes just dual pivot calipers

  • Clearence will still be pretty generous if you’re running think 26” tyres, but sjs claim it’s aimed at 26”.

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  • Thanks. I guess most people who are running 26" wheels have chunky or chunkyish tyres. Looks good! My need is not super urgent so Im tempted to wait for one to come up for sale here or ebay - let me know if you want rid of this obvi!

  • Think^ hah I meant Thin, obvs.

    Will do! Take a look around on Thorn forum too, it’s fairly slow in there mind.

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40kg rated rack for 26 inch wheels

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