• I emailed Chris King on a whim about the lack of seals on the old scavenged 15mm axle, and after admitting that it’s a design flaw with the very first batch of ISO hubs they ended up sending me a newer model of axle for the cost of postage.

    This is for a 20+yo hub from a trashed wheel off FB marketplace... incredible service imo.

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  • Popped open the CK hub bearings to find all four were dry... no wonder they were sounding a bit ominous. Prob jet washed into oblivion by a previous owner...

    Greased the shit out of them, 5 minute job.

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  • Picked up the frame from Aurum after clear powdercoating.

    The 'raw' finish is so good, can see every sanding/welding/brazing blemish. Gonna look like an ancient weathered mutant tree with shiny cherries dangling off it...

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  • Details:

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  • Need a smaller chainring, the 36T is just a tad too big to fit into the yoke and maintain a decent chainline.

  • Gonna look like an ancient weathered mutant tree with shiny cherries dangling off it...

    My kinda build. Lovely!

  • Interested in the blue! Stayer looks fantastic

  • Gonna be sweet. 650b? Sorry I can’t remember

  • 26”… another obsolete chariot.

    The wheelset, and many other bits going on this, are from the ‘posh parts bin’ or cheap eBay/forum finds, so the frame was made around them and the barnacle fork.

    It’s basically an old MTB but with rocker dropouts, split-stay for belt-drive, internal dropper post routing, short wheelbase, @Hulsroy yoke for big tyres and shitloads of mounting holes…

    I’m so used to 26” wheels that 29” with squidgy tyres just feels gawky & cumbersome, so I’ve backed myself into yet another evolutionary dead end for the sake of ‘tangy handling’ #sfss

  • so I’ve backed myself into yet another evolutionary dead end

    believe we call this "being enlightened"

  • Ebay wheelsets = suburban ayahuasca

  • I’m very very pleased for you

  • Lazarus seatpost is joyful (if you see faces in things).

  • 32T chainring is perfect, slots neatly into the yoke with a chainline slap bang in the middle of the cassette and a nice Q factor with a 113mm BB.

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  • V.nice

  • Done for now.

    It’s so frikkin good! Handles so much better than any of my other bikes, the tyres lap everything up and the short stays give it a lil ‘je m’appelle’.

    Left the steerer uncut while I figure out bar height.

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  • Was meant to be taking it round the South Downs Way for my birthday this weekend, but am in A&E right now with a suspected tonsular abscess fml

  • sorry to hear that man. Bike looks like tonnes of fun!!

    Whats happening with the Team Marin?

  • Thanks! Marin’s still about, it’s my ‘weenie road bike’.

    Was discharged from hospital last night, about to load the Stayer and join my m8s near Shoreham…

  • Looks mint that

  • Fanx!

    Rides so well loaded with Ukrainian bags from 7Roads.

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  • How is anyone supposed to measure Scoblebricks with that crazy brick pattern?

  • That wall’s fuk’d up

  • This is great! I firmly believe that my 26" Kona Unit is the most nimble and "throwable" of my bikes.

    Good reason for custom frame also!

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Marin Team Titanium, Stumpjumper Comp: obsolete 90’s toss and a Stayer

Posted by Avatar for ectoplasmosis @ectoplasmosis