• Too good!!

    Where did you source the seat post bolt, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Thanks!

    Seat post binder is a Svelte Odyssey from the mid-90’s.

  • Ah was wondering if you managed to find a seller who has them?

  • Not in particular, just scouring Retrobike/auctions.

  • one of the rare times bullmoose bars look well suited to a bike, v well done

    colour on that is so nice

  • Fanx, means a lot.

    The colour is impossible to photograph, matte metallic pearl. Very advanced for 1990.

    New page fail, have one of the bullmoose with my shadow serpent claw:

    1 Attachment

    • 83F33049-A693-48CD-8762-7810FE14585E.jpeg
  • Needs wider bars. Gonna try these wanker Nittos with a silver stem:

    1 Attachment

    • barsnit.jpg
  • Will be interesting! How wide are these 750mm?

  • Yep, these are 750mm.

    I’ve got so used to the 825mm bars on the Marin that the bullmoose now feel like holding a chopstick.

  • This was my exact worry coming from the nitto for shred I have on my fixed to the Bullmoose! Do love the rise in these ones you’re swapping out for.

  • I have a pair of Nitto Bullmoose i am going to extend for myself. Any compentent framebuilder local to you should be able turn some extensions and weld them on.

  • Good shout.

    Gonna try the Nitto risers first & see how it goes.

  • Christ you're gonna leave that locked up?! You're brave, it looks amazing. Wanker nittos will be sweet - want me some of those.

  • #yolo

    To be honest, I’m lucky enough to be able to take my bike inside when I get to most places I work at.

    Did a few laps of Hollow Ponds for lunch, what a wanker.

    1 Attachment

    • FB76033C-290E-4713-92D3-6460B6A4EAE3.jpeg
  • Did a few laps of Hollow Ponds for lunch, what a wanker.

    Depends what lines you took

  • Depends what lines you took

    Crushed up Pregnacare tablets were all I had to hand tbh.

  • OK, one more with #cuntfilter for posterity before this gets dadded-out hard.

    1 Attachment

    • 46E157B7-6137-4523-AD66-4FACF3C051F9.jpeg
  • Looking super good, can’t wait to see it pimped out with accessories

  • Absolute stunner, love every bit of it!

  • Thanks!

    Not getting on with the new bars. They don’t feel much wider, far less backsweep than the bullmoose, and I had to use a short stem to get the same reach so the setup looks a bit funky.

    3 Attachments

    • 7BDB71A6-4278-4F69-9444-645DC669E732.jpeg
    • B7F0BCB5-DD4A-4A42-BFD6-4ED4B7E798FF.jpeg
    • FCD57125-B48F-4A93-9EEF-17EE2C038E1E.jpeg
  • Ack, sorry the bars didn’t work out [proceeds to goalhang in Classifieds].
    Loving the pics though ^

    When I unbuilt my Bear Valley SE and took all the dadbiek commuting extras off it, I remembered how /RAD/ I thought it was in the first place. So the next iteration of that frame will stick to just what it needs to work and nothing else.

  • Looks so good but can see why they don’t work, how did you find the handling with the shorter stem?

  • definitely a lot more corner shop lock up than Waitrose chariot with that bar and stem, both look good however.

    will you source higher rise/ swept ones or just stick it out with the bull moose?

  • [proceeds to goalhang in Classifieds].

    this really tickled me for some reason, hehe!

    I'll jump off the fence, definitely better with the bullmoose. maybe its the silver stem/black bars/clear grips that's killing the vibe for me? looks aside if it don't feel right, that's that.

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Marin Team Titanium, Stumpjumper Comp & other obsolete 90’s toss/‘Retro MTB Bingo’

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