• Been using this to commute on recently...

    Totally inappropriately, with it having no rack or guards meaning sweaty backpack and it likely getting rekt by winter salt.

    Got caught in a massive downpour the other day, both shoes completely filled with water instantly and the Flite was fucked by the time I got home, leather all rough and all decals had rubbed off.

    Feels so good to ride though, #yolo

  • Depending on how comfortable you are with drilling holes in your bike these would be a more permanent cable routing method.

    Or you could use rectangles of VHB tape rather than the rivets.

  • Thanks, those look neat.

    I’m happy with the adhesive clips however; they’ve all held fast through all conditions so far, and I like being able to unclip the hose at will. Already came in handy when bleeding the rear brake.

  • Gave this thing its first ever wash after picking up tons of road grime & Epping muck the last few months.

    The wafer-thin tyres are holding up surprisingly well, no big cuts & still some tread pattern left on the rear.

    Cranks have developed a minor click/tick, may have to ditch the square-taper Middleburns for the hollow-axle equivalent if/when the tapers become shagged. Would lose the cute sharp #ninetiesCNC lines tho...

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    • 86576986-A232-48AA-998B-8F3FC0C18670.jpeg
  • Such a great thread

  • Note to self: titanium crank bolts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

    They came with the mid-90’s vintage cranks. Hopefully a new Cr-Mo pair will cure the crank ticking.

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    • F701ADA6-47F3-489F-9DFB-15374CE447B1.jpeg
  • New stainless bolts, re-fitted cranks, clicking gone.

    Plodding along some #ukgravel on lunch break, watching some obese swans repeatedly fail to take off from Hollow Ponds.

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    • 595B240A-57FF-4A6F-97CC-84885978C164.jpeg
    • 103DD115-8087-467E-AB53-08772133A0A9.jpeg
  • I absolutely love the loud ring/raw frame combo. Sick.

  • this is very nice indeed.
    if you ever want some bouncy forks, I have a pair of pace rc41 xcam that I'm probably never going to use.

  • @Catriona Thanks!

    @bigshape This thing’s staying rigid, thanks for the kind offer though. Purposely avoiding going down the full fat MTB rabbit hole for now...

  • This is great! I’ve got a 1996 team titanium as well, but I’ve parts binned special mine, with dirt drops😂

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  • How did I miss this? Yours is rad af! Love the mad stance.

  • Amalgamating build threads into this to save forum clutter.


    Picked up a new-old-stock 1991 Stumpjumper Comp frameset, Tange Prestige tubing in matte pearl powder blue.

    Had never been built up before so needed a lot of prep: all threads chased, BB shell faced, JIS head tube reamed to accept standard ISO headset, rear dropouts filed down and aligned, inside of frame coated with Dinitrol rust treatment etc.

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    • FB5359EC-CE1D-491E-867D-B0154366BAE6.jpeg
    • 43F202F2-1E11-4100-982E-36119AF9A7E9.jpeg
  • It’s now looking like this:

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    • 5AC24ECE-3FB8-447B-A94D-8F23A7134FFD.jpeg
    • 689D115A-6DA4-4CCA-B87C-2EC10A5787FA.jpeg
    • 6CF6B8F9-82C2-4FDA-B0C3-DBC0D4A896DB.jpeg
    • E20BF2D7-F2E9-4676-9DF3-36E1838DBA89.jpeg
  • Turnipcam pics. Light was terrible.

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    • 33A2B117-0730-4F75-A027-9CED5DE9F757.jpeg
  • Rides so much better than the boat anchor 531AT British Eagle that was a parts donor for it. Every gear change accompanied by a zesty, hollow ping from the massive fence of a frame. #sfss

    Still needs a front rack, guards and bottle cages fitting. Can’t wait to get lock rash all over the frame, give the grouches on retrobike a workout for their bile ducts.

  • Super sweet build

  • Yeah man that is sweeeet

  • Did you use self adhesive pads for the rear brake hose underneath the top tube?

    I have a ratty stumpjumper team from 1991 and used the Magura hose clamps but am not really happy with the brake hose on top of the top tube.

  • Yep, used the same Jagwire adhesive clips that worked so well on my Marin.

    I originally planned to use the stainless steel mini clamps that attach to the existing cable stops, but the stops on this frame are too close to the tubing to accept them.

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    • 1A5A68FE-1165-43D5-8502-0ACB79139819.jpeg
  • Bad form to hijack a thread but have you seen this wonderful bodge?


  • So so good. Watched this with interest on eBay. Excellent build.

  • What a find on that stumpy frame and another lovely looking build 👌

  • Good call on the black wall.. Tan would've been too much imo.

  • @Dexter @Retro_bastard Thanks!

    Been pootling about on it, big gate of a frame is so plush & comfy. Got #japanesetyres for full #wankerhybrid approval.

    Last couple of snaps before it gets a rack & guards:

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    • D2D92142-D82B-41F5-AB7D-545B158F5E31.jpeg
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Marin Team Titanium, Stumpjumper Comp & other obsolete 90’s toss/‘Retro MTB Bingo’

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