Marin Team Titanium Retro MTB / Blurple Chucklewagon

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  • A second wheelset for this with big knobbly tyres for now...

  • Complete bike as-is weighs just over 8.9Kg according to a shite set of luggage scales, which corresponds to the embarrassing spreadsheet containing all the actual component weights via a decent kitchen scale.

    Could easily lose a couple of hundred grams by chopping the end off the 410mm seatpost, lighter BB/stem/rotors etc but all the bits are exactly what I imagined from the start now and it’s plenty light enough.

    Was mildly addictive picking bits & taking mass into consideration... Can see how unfortunate souls get sucked into the weenie vortex now.

  • This is such a cool bike. Well done. Every new picture makes me like it more. I looked at those handlebars and couldnt justify, but think they really work so well on that older geo.

    I am also a long term Hope brake user. I agree, their service is fantastic value as you get back a new brake working perfectly for the £45 or whatever it costs now.

    Hmmm I have an On One Lynskey Ti29er frame hanging on the wall. Tempted to do something similar...

  • Under 9kg is pretty impressive! And building another wheelset seems more sensible than starting another project right away :)

  • Could you tell us what is the purple seat binder bolt? That type looks like it would work well on one of my bikes.

    [ edit. I just spotted that you gave the information later in post ]

    It appears to be an Odyssey Svelte 3DV seat binder bolt.

  • Thanks! Love the warm & fuzzies. Deffo build up your Lynskey.

    Love riding this thing so much, it's such a hoot everywhere I've taken it with the boingy tyres and massive bars. Most fun I've had on any bike.

    The Hope brake refurb is a bargain as you say, and it's confidence-inspiring that they still keep spares for and rebuild basically all their brakes regardless of age. These are my first Hope brakes, but won't be the last.

    @Sig_Arlecchino Yep, already got something brewing so I can take this thing through the mucky slop. Then just a Ti cage and frame/bar bags for day trips and it'll be complete.

    A few more turnipcam pics for new page:

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  • Wow, really really beautiful. Such a great build 🔥

  • Turned out proper fantastic! Love the attention to detail, and the whoel geometry looks amazing.

  • Incredible build. Looks like it was as much fun to build as it is to ride.

  • Thanks!

    Yeah, this was way more exciting to build than anything else I've tried, with the Ti disc tabs, the hunt for the unicorn RC31 fork, the elusive now-rare rims and the crabon bars which landed at just the right time.

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Marin Team Titanium Retro MTB / Blurple Chucklewagon

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