• This is supposed to be a collection thread, please help gathering ahead stems that resemble the purist elegance of quill stems, i.e. alloy/steel, but with few/hidden/integrated bolts etc. No fancy crabon road stuff.

    Basically any nice stem with LESS than 6 Bolts ;-)

    I will start with these three:

    Velo Orange Tall Track Stem (31.8 bars, 80-110mm length, black and silver): https://velo-orange.com/collections/stem­s/products/vo-tall-stack-threadless-stem­-31-8-rise

    Genetic AQ Road Stem (31.8 bars, 70-110mm length, black and silver): (https://www.tritoncycles.co.uk/component­s-c9/stems-c76/aq-road-stem-p13383

    vintage Syncros Cattlehead (25.4 bars, 100-160mm lenght, black/grey/silver, there is also a version with hinge and a 1" ahead version)

    Please add more if you have seen any, I would especially be happy to see more stems like that made for 25.4 bars!

  • Simworks Anna Lee stem

    Just a bit pricey...


  • Rene Herse - similarly expensive and in the US

  • Syncros dq’d for fugly welds?

  • (I was looking for one of those Syncros stems a while back - got out-sniped on the Bay so many times - gave up)

  • Nitto CT81

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    • Nitto.jpg
  • fugly welds

    Yeah, they are a bit, aren't they.

  • I like a lot of things about that stem. But I’d have to get the file out on the welds (while upping the dental plan).

  • Not sure if I'm allowed but...

  • Yeah, they are a bit, aren't they.

    I think the Syncros is the only one where welds are acceptable as they invented this weld "zit" thing in the 90s. Vintage heritage.
    Anyway, more important for this collection than welds is that bolts are minimized and/or hidden, so the Syncros is doing quite well with just 3 bolts in total.

  • Don't get me wrong. I like the syncros. I wanted (still want) one.

  • Schindelhauer Stem (31.8 bars, 90-120mm length, black and silver): https://www.goldsprintshop.com/Schindelh­auer-Ahead-Vorbau-318-mm-silber-90-mm

  • BLB Stealth stem (not really quill-like due to the ugly prints, but at least a hidden rear bolt):

  • 4 stems from a thread by Greasy_Paws:

    Cinelli Grammo

    3ttt Forged Ahead

    3ttt Pro Titanium

    Look Titanium

  • Tange T5290

  • Fairweather/Nitto MT31

  • Soma Crane

  • Nice transitions from Blue Lug

  • Syncros are great, I've had 3 and visited their little factory BITD.

    Note that the steerer clamping system is fine for steel but will dig into carbon or aluminum steerers.

    If you lose the angled stem cap you will never find another. Many on EBay are missing the cap so make sure it is included.

  • Another big fan of the Syncros stems here. I love vintage parts, and obscure parts, Syncros tends to tick both of the boxes pretty well these days.

    I have a few of their stems, but this 1" threadless road stem with the hinge faceplate is my favourite:

  • Those Tange stems are so nice we should have more pics of them.

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    • tange-stem-t5290-white.jpg
    • Taipei-Cycle-Show-weird-and-wonderful-67-768x512.jpg
    • 1090.jpg
  • I’ve got a few in the shed including one still in the packet, drop me a PM

  • Not sure it fits the bill exactly but I bought a bike recently that had this fitted - Avid SAAGO stem. 25.4 clamp and a collet system to attach it to the steerer tube.

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    • AvidSaagoStem.jpg
  • Print rubs off with some acetone.

  • Erik Estlund, Winter Bicycles. The way the bar clamp is a little lower than the middle of the main tube, as it would on an actual quill stem, is the sort of details I love about his work.

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The 'clean' ahead stem thread - a collection of ahead stems that resemble classic quill stems

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