• Evening, first post on here. I'm currently re painting my bike I got off gumtree a few months ago, and I want to spruce it up comfort-wise on reassembly. Issue is, I'm 6'4" and the the bars it came with are about 50cm wide, straight with palm-shaped (?) grips, so width is just about ok but my shoulders/back do sometimes get a bit sore after a long ride. The frame isn't the biggest so I do sit pretty straight up when riding with the flat bars, I don't know if this is part of the prob?
    Have been looking at bullhorn bars as a new alternative in terms of being able to reach further forward/ have varied grip, but they do seem to be on the narrower side from what I can tell online - what do my other tall/wide shouldered riders have to say on the bars front? Are wide bars essential? Are bullhorn bars actually comfy?
    Also any reccs for comfy seats would be greatly taken, my fat ass needs a pamper. Cheers!!

  • Starting with an appropriately sized frame will be a big help - do you know what size the current frame is?

  • Its a 62 cm, pretty much the biggest I could find on 2nd hand for my budget and fits ok. I think the frame is a vintage Raleigh (no marking/stickers on frame as had already been repainted by previous owner), and the head tube slants back a fair bit, so was potentially thinking about getting a longer stem

  • Pop a side on picture of the bike up?

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  • You could certainly do with a longer stem so as to increase your reach and be less hunched up- the current one looks quite small for the size of the bike/you. Bull horns may help too. Get the longest stem you can find and If you’re worried about bullhorns being too narrow, fit some bar ends, that may help.

  • Thats looks great fun! Saddle height looks alright if thats correct? Personally I always start with the saddle and work the rest to suit. Bars do look a bit hunched. Maybe go for some risers with a bit more width, see how feel and then up the stem length/width to suit?

  • I suffered with perineal/saddle pain until I got a Selle SMP Avant - absolutely life changing

  • Yeh it's generally a nice ride! Since photo taken I've swapped out the stem for a slightly longer one from my old bike, but will still have a gander for something better. Wicked, cheers for the advice, really appreciated! Definitely gonna look into that Avamnt saddle

    Edit: this is OP, havent quite worked out how to stay logged in on this dumb ass phone

  • @BobbyBriggs with the bar ends do you mean trying to emulate this kind of set up?

  • I think that photo might be of an 'all in one' bar, but I'm no expert. I suggested some bar ends as in the old school mountain bike ones, which along with a longer stem would be a cheap and easy way to get some more reach and varied hand position without having to get new bars - since you say you're happy with the width of the current bars.

  • ah yeh, I see. Alright will assess the options, thanks!

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Tall fella looking for comfort advice from experienced riders

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