Carbon 'Youngtimer'

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  • Great thread, I humbly submit my old SystemSix.

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  • Some more 2008 supersix scrapage

  • These were my first race bikes, carbon frame, alloy fork, quill stem, downtube shifters and 8 speed 105. I broke 2 of them.

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  • Might not be enough carbon to qualify, but I like it a lot.

  • This 1995 Trek 5500 was my second roadbike I bought around 2008, it came with a full 7410 group and second pair of wheels in the form 0f Aerospokes, the old guy I bought it off was totally clueless. Think I bought it for €350, sold the spokes for about €200 when people still thought they were peak HH.

    It lived on to be my winter bike for a couple years, had risers at some point but this was it's final stage as ride around town bike and fast commuter. Until it got stolen. :(

    Wish I had pics of the various stages.

  • Finding it hard to believe, but my spesh qualifies in the >10 year category, and everything is period correct as nothings been changed beyond consumables!

  • Terrible old photo but my 2003 Once TCR was mint to ride.

  • So many lovely bikes! The old Looks and the Kestrel are all top.

    Here's my 2008 Soloist Carbon, still going strong. :D

  • I there a build thread on that Roberts in the back ground anywhere?

  • It was mine - now sold - sale thread with info -­09/ and project thread -­17/

  • Thanks. Beautiful bike.

  • formerly mat’s system six now with silly wheels and now that i look at them from the side, quite strange hood positioning.

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  • Lovely stuff. I find taking a pic from lower down makes hood and bar position look a bit odd.

  • Better than a modern build in my eyes!! Good job 👌🏻

  • I'm more intrigued by the shifters seemingly being mounted over the bar tape.

    Cool bike though!

  • oh yeah i’m a sucker for cotton bar tape that’s incredibly worn in so it’s actually just easier to slide the shifters over the top

  • Love a older carbon. Here's my 2011 Trek madone .4.7 .

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  • 2011

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  • Another Favorite. My mates Look kg 96
    And his scott CR1.

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  • My old Dolan, god I hated that bike! But full carbon with 105 for under £200… (plus wheels)

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Carbon 'Youngtimer'

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