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  • A casual comment in the Whisky/Whiskey/ Bourbon thread grew momentum, and now nearly 30 forumites are likely buying a cask of scotch for our own amusement.
    We will be discussing here our preferences, choices and plans, as well as cementing our place in the Golf Club thread.

    1 @cornelius_blackfoot
    2 @Aroogah
    3 @hippy
    4 @Chalfie
    5 @DethBeard
    6 @KatBalou'sPhone
    7 @jupiz
    8 @n3il
    9 @J0nathan
    10 @Bezzin
    11 @EB
    12 @EstelleGetty
    13 @Gewürzt
    14 @owl
    15 @cheekysnaker
    16 @lookitsluke
    17 @Landslide
    18 @Jamwam
    19 @Inbred
    20 @jdp
    21 @velosaurus
    22 @Cazakstan
    23 @LukeG
    24 @Skülly
    25 @bitterbuffalo
    26 @Tango130
    27 @rhb
    28 @jsabine
    29 @stelfox

    edit: added the Whisky Broker list and the Cask 88 buyers guide.

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  • People that golf drink whisky? Who knew?!

  • Cask 88 have a new Coal Ila for £2550 (£9 bottle!)
    They are expecting this to appreciate greatly, but who know how popular peat is going to be in 10 years.
    Doesn't matter if we want to bottle and drink, obviously.

    edit: £9 is misleading, once duty, bottling, etc. on costs make it a much less bargainous £35 per bottle

  • Thanks @DethBeard for sorting this!

    I like a bit of peat. I’d rather not Laphroaig level if possible. Reading notes on Coal Ila it seems towards the Bunnahabhain end of Islay? Sounds good to me

  • Undoubtedly my favourite whisky so I'd be massively up for this!

  • That sounds perfect

  • is there room for an addition to the list?

    if so id be in...

  • I’m also quite tempted. How much does bottling at the end cost? How do we organise the distribution?

    I quite like the idea of putting £85 down to end up with some nice bottles at the end, but is there a massive logistical ballache at the end of it?

  • Sumo posted a pdf to an Arran cask which provides a good breakdown of costs/what is involved:


  • Is that with duty?

  • The end costs are considerably higher than the starting ones.
    Previous info has hinted a £4,000 cask would end up costing about £10,000 once VAT, Excise, bottling, labelling, transportation, etc. has been considered.
    So, £85 will not get you 9 bottles of Coal Ila (in 10+ years time)
    That £85 will probably be £300, and the per bottle price closer to £35.

    We would probably need to form a formal whisky society/ club and some sort of legal agreement regarding the shares, plus have some sort of chair to oversee it all, act on our behalf, that sort of jazz.

  • Unfortunately not, that's payable once it leaves the bonded warehouse.

  • We would probably need to form a formal whisky society/ club and some sort of legal agreement regarding the shares, plus have some sort of chair to oversee it all, act on our behalf, that sort of jazz.

    This is what I thought. It's dead cool, and it is quite tempting, but as you say - not quite £9/bottle!

  • But also fucking around to go and taste it in 5/10 years sounds like a laugh.

  • once VAT, Excise, bottling, labelling, transportation, etc.

    I'll just leave this here...

  • Living another 5-10 years is gonna be well tricky.

    Do you think they'll know what I mean if I write "those lovely shitheads on LFGSS" in my will?

  • Caol Ila sounds good to me for a long term plan ...

    The '09 Inchgowers in the Whisky Broker list might be interesting for a more immediate dram.

  • £85, 9 bottles.
    Sell some as nos vintage poc scotch whiskey on here at £100 a bottle.

    What could go wrong?

  • Why does everything have to be profit driven? Isn't puking your dinner up for 3 weeks solid reward enough?

  • okay so what are we thinking tasting notes wise?
    I'm a pretty novice whisky/bourbon drinker, my palette tends to run towards the sweeter end (probably comes from starting out drinking jack and coke), not a fan of overly peaty/antiseptic whiskies. Big fan of Nikka from the barrel and also Nikka's Coffey Grain.
    Currently working through the aforementioned nikka's as well as a christmas bottle of laphroaig select (christmas at the inlaws necessitated it's purchase) Michters small batch bourbon and some abrachan.

  • In 10 years or so, you may either be into niche whisky, or you might have sacked it all off and just want to drink decent scotch. Or you may be teetotal. Or dead.

  • Cask 88 have been in regular contact, today they have recommended some Deanston new make, with naming rights ("This new make spirit holds full legal naming rights for labelling purposes and so any future bottling of your cask can be labelled with “Single Malt distilled at Deanston”, preserving the liquids provenance and value.")
    Bourbon barrels from £1500 up to sherry butts for £5100, I've asked for a full list.

    Very probable that I am going to try and get a BB for my own "portfolio" with a view to sell it at some point in the future (rather than bottling it myself)

  • Bump,

    Anyone still keen on the idea?

  • Just seen this bump ... I still could be.

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LFGSS Whisky appreciation group buy

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