FS: Somec Tempest USPS - The Italian C-Track

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  • Hi all,

    I'm selling this lovely piece of Italy with America spirit. This is a Somec Tempest, kind of an Italian C-track, from the United States Postal Service (USPS) team in the 90's. I'm a huge fan of Somec but lots of projects are coming so sadly I can not keep this one. Check the last pic for a little family reunion.

    The frame is quite light and the tubes have a lovely and wide shape. It comes with a Chris King headset and a seat post clamp. I can add the seat post and saddle used on the following pictures. The Black Shamals aren't for sale.

    Some info:

    • Tubing: Columbus Zonal 7005 Alloy.
    • Top tube: 54cm ctc.
    • Seat tube: 54cm ctc.
    • Seat post diam: 27.2mm.
    • BB threading: English.
    • Headset: Chris King threadless 1".

    Some pictures:

    Regarding price, I had in mind 850€. I'm searching for some Ti components so feel free to make offers. If you need any information or specific pics, just pm me.



  • Incredible!

  • As you say the tube shapes fantastic. A Somec's my best bike!

  • That's amazing.

  • It is, but you can't sell on here if you're also selling on other platforms, like Facebook.

    At least you've put it at 50€ cheaper here.

  • Hey,
    Thanks for the info but based on the hundreds of bike here that I can find on other platforms such as Facebook, I guessed it was kind of ok as long as the lowest price was here, which is the case as you mentioned.
    Have a nice day.

  • No the rules state clearly that one can't sell on here if selling on other platforms.

    Of course other do break that rule.
    Usually, if they're caught up, like in this case, it's been told the rule and they adapt.

  • Other people apologise for not being aware of the rule and just take the Facebook listing down.

  • I see, no problem for me. Gonna remove the Facebook ad then.

  • Wait, there’s rules?

  • Hubba hubba.

  • It's always good to share them:


    For this particular case:


  • And pedalroom?


FS: Somec Tempest USPS - The Italian C-Track

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