Chromed Cubismo Cruiser, Nickel Allrounder & other

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  • couple more && some notes

    Its almost final form, except couple of things which I would like to get in future -- Stridsland chainring, gas pipe stem, perfect xc 27.5 2.0 tyres

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  • looks good. nice pics - enjoy :)

  • Lovely pics and such a rad bike!

  • On the Giant news!

    All got built couple weeks ago, I set it up with tubeless tyres, destickered rims, put on rack -- this is going to be a great commuter & gravel grinder. I may also give it to my brother for bikepacking as he have no other bike than retro roadie.

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  • Also rack+lock+voile strap makes a dead silent combo. I was stunned any terrain I took.

    ps. I am thinking respraying the frame. Just maybe sometime in future. Something from RAL grey scale. Not a fan of paintwork but works as it is.

  • Okay, so after commuting for a while, im changing drops to sweeps soonish. I have on one mike in garage which is good for time being. Also thinking about spank spoon riser. But that would have to wait until i need more parts to order

  • Also, giant is just perfect commuter, went with sweepy bars & hated it, so came back to dropbars.

    Also, nailed my main refference for getting it repainted -- RAL 7021

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  • New crankset for my mtb shredder

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  • Is that a Stridsland ring I can't quite make the writing out?

  • So I'm going to move on the Giant. It clears 700x40 easy, have way more room for it but ovalized downtube + 4130 makes it unpleasantly stiff, can't shake the feeling.

    Therefore, I have to obtain a new commuter, and this is one on my way home already.
    I have nickel plated, now chrome - where is this trend going. Is titanium bound to be next?

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  • Unboxed the frame - it was put straight to the box, no bubble wrap or foam. Thanks god it didn't dent anywhere.

    Besides that - its beautiful, chrome shines like a mirror. Going to built it as ultimate cruiser with chromed parts on the cockpit. --

    Slick tyres.
    Skin wall?
    +40° swept back bars.
    Goose neck stem?
    Front rack.
    Mudguards. -- Cruisin

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  • Change of plans, found this moto handlebar, 710 width, 27° sweep, 110mm rise front bottom to tips, aluminum so just around 500 grams.

    Maxxis DTH and black bmx stem on the way

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  • I received bottom bracket, was thinking about the looks of the bike - if I should stick with triple and 8 speed at the back or go 1x. And then I found a massive deal on cassette and chain & used 10 speed derailleur & shifter. So I went with 1x. I think it worked out good visually together with moto bars. I ordered top-load stem, but received front-load one. But I couldn't resist the urge to build it up and I don't mind the looks of it.

    I still need to fit front rack, have a silver basil portland in the spares. Apart from that - I tried it on pavement around the block - I love the slick wide tyres

    Maybe i'll fit one of the small bags I made to have it in ultracommutermode

    Here are some pictures I taken from the ride.

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  • That's nice that.

  • Awesome stuff you got going on in here. I think a Klunker bar would suit the Cube very well.

  • Rack mounted, proper photos taken

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  • Getting back on nickel allrounder, I had this picked up on sale

    & ordered front light recently

    I am tinkering ideas how to mount the light, whether i need a small rack or not

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Chromed Cubismo Cruiser, Nickel Allrounder & other

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