ultimate dadmobile — 1x11 flat bar Kepler

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  • Yes it's my new workshop that I built over lockdown. Got to my Instagram @nickjohnwarner and watch the 'cococabin' story highlight, if you're interested to see the construction

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  • Very cool, thanks.

  • What did you use to accurately cut the corrugated cladding?

  • A circular saw with a metal cutting blade, some also aviation snips at times

  • She's arrived!

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  • are you in corbett?

  • Technically no, but close to it. How did you know?

  • I'm in SE6


    I am also SE6 :)

  • I have a bike stand and am within walking distance if that’s of use.

  • Hooray!

  • Yes! Where? And are you in tomorrow?

  • Braidwood, yup. PM for deets.

  • whoop! excited to see the buildup. tidy looking office as well.

  • I'd planned to nip round to @6pt today and borrow a bike stand, but my little boy has a temperature and so we're housebound until we get his test results back...

    It is what it is...

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  • Well my plans to start yesterday were scuppered by my boy having a fever and so we're waiting for results STILL. But a friend brought a stand round so I don't have to use my ghetto clamp and I've made a start while the kid is napping.

    Only hitch is I'm now stuck because the postman is several days late with my headset press...

    On a side note, did you guys know that Henry Hoover comes with a free crown race installer?

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  • sadly only works with straight 1 1/8 steerers :(

  • liking the look of this, subbed

  • Well this is as far as I got before the kid woke up again.

    I woke just using some threaded bar from my Veritas framing clamp with some washers and nuts to improvise a headset press when he started crying. So I came in and a few minutes later my new press arrived. I opened it to find... Some threaded bars, some washers and some nuts...

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  • Following. Bike and shed envy

  • Have 100% done that in the past.

  • Who knows what I need to mount SLX M7000 callipers onto this Kepler? The Kepler callipers mounts are flat mount, but they're definitely not currently compatible with these callipers and I think I need an adaptor...

    First time with discs...

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  • So you have post mount caliper and flat mount frame fork?
    Adapters exist, means you add 20mm to the diameter of the rotor needed. So instead of 160 and 140mm, you'll now have 180 and 160.
    Another thing you could do is chnage just the caliper to tiagra, but i think you have slx there which use banjo fitting and not the 8mm threaded fitting that lower tier and road calipers use.
    Maybe easiest to send those back and get deore ev levers, hose and some tiagra calipers, will bolt together with no adapters then ;)

  • Sorry I've only just seen this. I got the Shimano adaptors and after lots of waiting for variously sized bolts to arrive (all lbs had silver ones and of course I needed black) they're on and work a dream. Don't look as good on the frame as flat mount calipers would but they're pretty hidden by racks anyway

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  • Sneak peak...

    All finished just waiting on mudguards (SKS edge Al 46) and longer cabling for rear dynamo...

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  • Oof! When you said ‘ultimate dadmobile’ you really meant it!

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ultimate dadmobile — 1x11 flat bar Kepler

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