• Good evening everyone. A new member from Washington DC who is most grateful for the information that I have garnered and for the two fantastic bikes I have purchased off the forum.

    I found this interesting bike for sale but its manufacturer is unattributed. The seller has said "we refer to the fact that the shape of the fork and rear stay look like Columbus tubes. That's why we call it Columbus, but we actually have no idea who the craftsman who produced it is." It is a time trial bike.

    Would those with expertise in Columbus Tubing provide some feedback? Or has anyone seen something akin to this before? Any thoughts on who might have used this style of crimping? Looks a bit like a Colango Arabesque but the crimps seem to end earlier.

    I am grateful for any time and effort that you all put into reading the post and responding.

    Most gratefully,

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  • It looks like Columbus Gilco tubing?

  • Thank you. That was around the time of the Colnago Master years. No?

    There are no stickers on the bike that indicate model, tubing etc. Only the one for Campagnolo which looks quite new to my untrained eyes. The shop isn't sure of the provenance. A crap shoot but a very shiny one. :)

  • Ask for a photo of the underside of the bottom bracket, a lot of makers did their own thing down there, cut outs etc, which might give a few clues. The swept back fork crown looks like a SOMEC detail, although usually these are pantographed. Many of the higher end Italian makers would curve the seat tube and top tube like this. The seat cluster isn't that fancy either, no fastback stays or distinctive lugwork, so I wouldn't get too spendy on it, all that glisters isn't gold.

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  • Thanks. I did email that exact question off to them about 20 minutes ago. I did a search of which models used Gilco tubing and wasn't coming up with much except a Daccardi (spelling) and one hit for a Tommasini. I have a Tomassini Prestige sitting next to me. It isn't Gilco but the seatstay design is remarkably similar. I took a photo of it (attached).

    That is a beautiful bike. Yours?

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  • Hahaha. Now I have my doubts. Compared to the gold bike, the Tomassini is a bit pointy on the end. The Colnago Master series is more round at the tip. I did a quick scan of Patelli and Paletti as well. seat stays don't really match but I was randomly googling for mid 1980s bikes. I won't be able to sleep tonight.

    Thanks everyone for taking this journey with me.


  • The rear brake bridge is Cinelli pattern, so it could still be a reasonable maker. I think the bottom bracket will say a lot. This is mine...

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  • Just an update. I have yet to receive a picture of the bottom bracket. Please take a look at this Oschner bike. Look at the seat stay. almost the same. Anyone have experience with Oschner? They were made in Italy for Oschner, which, I believe, is a Swiss bike company.

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  • well, I just got a picture of the bottom bracket. And it doesn't tell me anything. Not sure what more I can do at this point. Its rhetorical, but why would someone gold plate a frame that is generic? I am quite sure there is more to the story here but I am not sure I want to pay what they want to find out.

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  • Are you planning to ride it or hang it on the wall?

  • Either way, it belongs in Anti. Don’t buy it, it’s horrible.

  • There's a movement with a lot of retro dealers to gold plate components or even frames to bling them up, very often asking over the odds prices for plain vanilla things.

  • Is it really gold tone or is it just chromed and shitty lights?

  • Thank everyone. I have purchased bikes from the shop before and they are very good to deal with with the products being what they said they were - to note that those products have been vintage bikes in really good condition, nothing out of the ordinary like this one. I ride my bikes so I want something with a story. Maybe this one has a great story but, for example, they have a gold plated Cinelli at a similar price point. Thanks for everyone's contributions. I very much appreciate joining this board and being a member. Sincerely, Michael

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unidentified time trial frame with crimping on all tubes

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