colnago c50

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  • Yeah the aesthetics aren’t for everyone

  • For those who haven’t seen it already:­o
    Which is not to say that this is a bad deal for someone who wants a c50. So, GLWS!

  • There are cheaper ways to get laughed at but it’s probably a great deal if you squint

  • Ah. I thought you were referring to something structural.

  • Hah, what really finished off that well used fourteen year old frame was cutting it half.

  • I've got 6 carbon bikes at the moment and i couldn't tell you what any of them look like on the inside (although the seat tube on by Bianchi definitely isn't round) nor do i care that much. I either like the way they ride and look or i don't. There are plenty of guys chopping up bikes on you tube at the moment for engineering purists but as long a frame isn't dangerous to ride if i like how it rides, looks and i can afford it I'll buy it anyway. A C-series i still firmly on my desired list.

  • Yeah I think that video is a bit odd. A lot of tut-tutting but it survived the genesis of full carbon bikes and lasted fourteen years and probably more than one crash before it was sliced up and critiqued for not meeting contemporary standards. Dull.

  • I've been on this forum almost 13 years now. It still baffles me how some people can be such twats for no reason on other peoples sale threads.

    Most people bitching are probably too young/ignorant to know about the significance of Futura 2000 anyway.

    Cool bike. Good price. I'd buy it if it was my size. It is no doubt a collectors item.
    Hope you find a buyer.

  • It was unnecessarily harsh to be fair. My apologies
    It does seem like a lot of bike for the money, the paint’s just not for me.

  • Absolutely pointless in fact. You have no intention whatsoever of buying the bike and obviously dislike the paint so much you feel everyone should also. A lot of time on your hands?

  • Alright keep your hair on, this is the internet

  • I can't argue with you there.

  • I like it reminds me off the team jelly bean bikes

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  • I think it would be naive of me to think I could put a Polka Dot Colnago C50 for sale on lfgss with out some trolling or at very least some negative comments. So I take it on the chin.

  • Well I think the paint job is excellent - shame it's about 10cm too big for me.

  • Absolutely this, and the reason I wont sell on here anymore.

    Anyways, awesome bike at a bargain price!

  • Here's another la carrera collab on ebay painted by Stash for perspective 😉

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  • thumbs up

    bump for a nice bike - glws

  • Sold!

  • Nice one, great bike. I knew Damien Hirst was on here.

  • Paint scheme is really cool. Wasn't aware they did that on the C50. Price is bargain IMHO.

  • Some other lanky git got a bargain. Hit me up if you don't bond with this...

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colnago c50

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