NHS Covid-19 App Discussions

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  • Didn’t they release the source code, like Ireland did?

    As in, I’m surprised there weren’t groups that went through the code and found or documented this

  • A notification looks a lot like this...

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  • Has this happened to anyone else? My wife and I both got notifications this evening at exactly the same time saying we’d been in contact with a positive. But my app says I have to isolate for 5 days and hers says 9. Why would that be?

  • Also, I took a parcel for my neighbour this afternoon before I got the message. What do I do with it now? I don’t want to unnecessarily freak him out.

  • Has anyone managed to get their Travel Pass thing without submitting a photo ID?

    The app says 'ask your GP for your online services registration details, ie. Linkage Key, ODS code and Account ID' but my GP have never heard of this stuff.

  • you mean on the normal NHS apps?

  • Yep, I just got it as a PDF from the NHS app. Didn't even need it, I was just playing with it.

  • Domestic or Int?

    For international travel it says I need to give them photo ID. Like fuck am I giving these dodgy fuckers photo ID.

  • Think it's just called "NHS App". There's a "Covid Pass" section.

    Not Track and Trace or whatever it's called.

  • I got the paper letter version that they post to the address on file on request so you don't need to provide any ID at all.

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  • that's the one, i put down my passport photos, but mainly i can gain access to gp booking, prescription, referral, gp history etc.

  • I've tried twice to get this and so far have heard nothing from them.

  • Yeah, I don't trust their app so I don't want to provide photo ID.

  • Came through in under a week for both my other half and me. Perhaps your address is different on some NHS system somewhere? Can you check that bit with your GP?

  • Yeah it's the same address everywhere I've seen it. I've been here for >10 years. Long enough for them to take me off their books and then have to re-add me when I went to the GP again after a few years, or whatever :)

    I'll give them another week and then I'll try again and chase it up.

  • Think it takes a couple of weeks after you last jab for the system to update.

  • I've eventually got the codes I need from my GP so I now have the pass on my phone without needing to send photo ID.

  • and now I've got the hardcopy pass thing in the post.

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NHS Covid-19 App Discussions

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