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  • Just had a warning via the app that I've been near someone who has registered they have tested positive.

    I opened the app and didn't see anything new on the main screen. Just answered the symptoms questionnaire, which said 'don't worry, you haven't got it'.

    I'm probably likely to get this warning as I work for local NHS. So while I'm hiding in the Plant Rooms the patient waiting areas are usually within 15 metres. I don't think I've got it and work will tell me if NHS staff contract it.

    I've got a feeling I'm going to see a lot of these warnings over the next few months.

  • I thought NHS staff were encouraged to pause the app while at work?

  • Yeah we’ve been told to deactivate the contact tracing function when we’re at work. Meaningless otherwise.

  • My limited understanding via Some Guy On Twitter is this means your phone has picked up at least one key from someone who has since tested positive, but the degree of exposure doesn’t match the NHS threshold for self-isolation, whatever that may be, so the app shows nothing.

    This is of course indistinguishable from the app being broken. Best of luck.

  • Thanks all. Yes, I should turn off the tracing while working. Problem is I'll forget to turn it back on...

    Edit: Oh, it has a reminder function. That's handy.

  • Had about 4 txt message asking me to download the app, which I did when it was released. Doesn't appear to be a way to stop the txt messages.

  • I was going to pop into ‘spoons for a piss, but to do so you need to register that you are there with the NHS test and trace app. No piss for me.

  • Have you done it? It's super quick and easy. You just open the app and scan the barcode, takes a few seconds...

    Edit: Oh maybe you meant not wanting to be tracked and traced just because you wanted a quick piss? That would make sense.

  • Meh. Despite cheap ale and being 'Britain's favourite pub' with individual carpets. Tim Martin will have to suck donkey dick before I go there again.

    His treatment of staff and refusal to acknowledge that pubs breed C19 has finally put me off.

    Anyone want the CAMRA 50 pence off vouchers?

  • I'm not advocating 'spoons to be clear, just how easy checking in at places is with the app.

  • Do you want the vouchers though?

  • I had some kind of warning notification from the app. Didn't fully read it as I clicked on the notification expecting it to take me to the app with more details but instead there's nothing about it in the app and nothing to show what the notification was.

  • That looks like what it was. Given I've not left the house in the past 3 days it seemed a bit strange.

  • I'd expect a lag of 5+ days for a notification. You need to be in contact with someone that has been infected but doesn't yet know. They then have to develop symptoms, get a test and get the result which is going to take a few days.

  • Yup. Had three alerts so far. None of them opened anything up in the app.

    One of them on the way home just now. Left the clinic, got into the van, turned the app tracing back on, drove straight home and when I got there I'd had an alert.

    They are really going to have to sort this bug out.

  • It looks like this is what causes it. From the log it seems there is a match in the Google exposure checks but, for whatever reason, it doesn't carry through to the NHS app.

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  • Interesting.

    Although doesn't explain why I got one on the way home. Certainly wasn't within 2 metres for longer than 15 minutes.

    Although the few days I had the app tracking while in clinics may explain it. Can't be anything else as I live by myself and apart from shopping or walking outside with friends (none of which have reported).

    Possibly the gym? But only been once this week.

  • This thing is just make me paranoid now. Except I know the virus IS out to get me. 😅

  • I assume it must have been a historic match. I hadn't been near anyone for a while at that point.

  • Normally I'd say yes because I work in Mile End and the choice is basically 'spoons or the Senior Common Room bar. But I don't go to work at the moment so I don't drink in spoons.

  • Just had a warning via the app that I've been near someone who has registered they have tested positive.

    I opened the app and didn't see anything new on the main screen.

    Same - alert showed on screen, open the app can't find anything. Am I supposed to isolate now?

  • https://faq.covid19.nhs.uk/article/KA-01­252/en-us

    I have received a notification about “COVID-19 exposure logging”, “COVID-19 exposure notifications” or “Possible COVID-19 exposure” - what does this mean?

    The NHS COVID-19 app uses Apple and Google Exposure Notifications. When exposure logging is switched on, Apple or Google may send you notifications. These may be called COVID-19 EXPOSURE LOGGING or COVID-19 Exposure Notifications. Sometimes it may seem as though these messages disappear, or you cannot click into them. These are default messages from Apple and Google. There is no need to be concerned if you miss or overlook them. You're currently not able to turn off these default Apple and Google notifications. Important messages from the NHS COVID-19 app will always be visible to you from inside the app.

  • A code error in the NHS Covid-19 app meant users had to be next to a highly infectious patient for five times as long as the NHS had decided was risky before being instructed to self-isolate

    it is likely that the vast majority of those ghost notifications should in fact have been advice to self-isolate


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NHS Covid-19 App Discussions

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