Down tube shifter deviancy

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  • On tour, I used an older set of 6 speed down tube levers (shimano 600) with
    a 9 speed cassette. I was pleasantly suprised by how well it worked. Shifting from low to high was really easy. once or twice i messed up shifting from high to low. That, however, was my fault for not 'reading the road' properly.
    i enjoyed the hassle free nature of the set up and plan to put together a winter/tourer exactly as before. i may even consider 10 speed.

  • How did I miss this thread?!
    Built my lht with DA d/t shifters and 9sp xt with a triple. Ultimate nodder action but it’s never let me down. Been plenty of handlebar swaps and I long ago abandoned drops on all my bikes so was def the right choice. Sometimes shifting on a loaded tourer is an arse if you get it wrong but it’s all good.

  • The choice for many in the '80s. Usually branded Mavic or Simplex.
    Lovely to use and rather attractive too. No missed changes with these.

  • ...with photo

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  • I have a pair of those Simplex Retrofriction shifters if anyone is looking for some.

  • thought I'd ask here - what is cheaply available to be able to mount my panto'd dt shifters on some north-road type bars?

    Cheers in advance!

  • these

    Just reading the thread having posted my question above... is there anything else that does the same job (but cheaper)?

  • Last time I checked this was the cheapest option

  • Cool thank you! - it’s for these...

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  • Looks like a good fit!

  • The bike that started this thread.

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  • Still enjoying them and I must say that I prefer them to bar ends . They perfectly match the style of cycling I use this bike for.

  • This is currently hung on the utility room wall behind the clothes drying rack.

    I quite enjoy the small engine-telegraph that changes pedalling effort.

  • No one should question your choice of shifters.

    Gatorskins tough >>>>>>>>>>>

  • The bike, btw, is from Racer Rosa

    I would strongly recommend them.

  • I'm doing a dropbar conversion and started to do a downtube shifter on the handlebars any advice would be helpful.

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  • Found this on net .

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  • Those are purpose-made bar-end shifters, rather than modified DT ones. To use DT shifters on the bars, you'll need some kind of cable stop to run the outer round the bends. Kelly Take Offs are one off-the-shelf solution for mounting DT shifters on the bars; there's been various threads about homebrew versions on the CTC/Cycling UK forums.

  • Many thanks on the advice. Just doing a cheap run around gravel bike.

  • 10 speed indexed Campagnolo downtube shifting.

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  • Like it. What's the little dude on top of the rear shifter?

  • With down tube shifters I like being able to trim the front derailleur if needed by reaching my thumb across at the same time as I change the rear.

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Down tube shifter deviancy

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