NJS Vivalo frame failure!

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  • Hi guys! I just wanted to let you now about the crack on downtube near the joint. I noticed it this morning. I don't know if its related to the crack or not, but last two weeks, during the ride, I noticed a squeaking sound especially when applying pressure on the left crank arm. The frame was bought off of LFGSS member (bought used, I don't know for how long has it been used) in March 2016. As far as I remeber the guy was from Ukraine. I was riding it for 4 and half years, about half an hour a day (few jumps, climbing and descending from the pavement). My weight is 76 kg. Supposedly, this is a terminal failure, the frame is for the trash. Or not?

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  • I crashed my nagasawa a couple months ago, resulting in some bent tubes. I took it to Varonha frameworks and they replaced both tubes, good as new. They could probably replace the down tube and top tube if needed. They also do resprays if you wanted.

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  • That's a well known spot for steel frames to crack. Usually frames that have been used very well. Sidewalk jumping and such and the occasional crash into other traffic will help cause it.
    Edit: if it's a nice frame, then it's probably worth replacing the down tube. I suggest you don't ride it until then.

  • Didn't vivalo lose their njs approval due to structural failure... fork iirc?
    I didnt beleive there is manufacturing fault though in this case.

  • BTW the nagasawa is awesome... like ferrari barn find.

  • Thanks for the info. Regarding the downtube replacement, it's unlikely that I will find anybody with the right expertise to do the job where I live (Zagreb, Croatia). Do you think is it possible to send the frame to Varonha for the repairs? Thanks.

  • Anyone with brazing experience should be able to do it, but I’m sure you could send it to Varonha. It would be £90 to replace the tube without paint

  • few jumps, climbing and descending from the pavement


  • Theyll be lots of people much closer, italy or Germany.. perhaps even your home country.

  • Are you sure? From what I've seen on their site, Varonha uses 853 Reynolds tubing...

  • Could be... Do you know somebody on the forum who is from these countries?

  • Try asking at bike shops in your local/city area.

    There must be at least one or two frame builders in your country.

  • Orlowski is closer by and a great framebuilder.

    see this thread for info.

    You can contact him on facebook:

  • Is that frame and fork threated in any way against corrosion?

  • It has a few layers of clear coat, but this is just to tide it over until I can afford to get it painted. It has a few rust spots now but is generally ok

  • This is my situation. I just got the repaired frame, it has no coating. The rust formed after only a couple of rides in wet weather... I don't know if I should be worried about structural failure from rust progression...

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  • It will only be on the surface, you can take it off with some wire wool but eventually yes it will eat through the tubes.
    You should treat the insides with a rust inhibitor too

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NJS Vivalo frame failure!

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