Ode to Lance (!)

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  • Just realised it’s mot is nearly up, thank you!

  • Looking like a bike now, it’s feeling pretty light compared to other bikes in the garage

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  • Watched that documentary on bbc, well worth the watch 👍

  • this looks great. I wouldn't have thought of doing the all black thing but it works

  • Built but will be changing the stem/seatpost at some point... would like to reduce weight as much As possible but it could end up being a money going down that route!!! Brake callipers would be nice but big monies

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  • I've got one in the same colour (non USPS), someone complimented me on it at the velopark a few weeks ago.

    My lightest bike by a fair amount and great fun to ride!

  • Lovely looking frame and a nice build, maybe rotate bars up and slide shifters down a little?

    What seatpost/stem you thinking?

  • Got a AliExpress special Carbon seatpost coming, and a kalloy uno lightweight black stem.. going for lowest weight & cheapest, the safe combination!! will fiddle with the position then, it’s not in the best spot for the drops I agree

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  • Going for lowest weight & cheapest, the safe combination!!!


    Full 7800 group? What wheels have are they?

    Must be quite light with the carbon wheels and 7800?

    On my old one I had a mix of 7700/6500 and campy carbon shifters and it must’ve been around 7.5kg

  • Lol yes full 7800 group, it’s still a good weight by modern standards apart from the brakes... wheels are Giant SLR1 so at least they are of a known quality.. about 1450grams, not that light but good enough.

    When I’ve got the parts in built I’ll weigh it, if I get 7-7.2kg I’ll be happy with that.

    You got any photos of yours?

  • I like the 7700/7800 groups - one of the best looking IMO.

    the old one think this was roughly 7kg - ended up swapping out the HED wheelset for open pro / Hope and got rid of the mental TT gear - still have the chainring though!

    current one is just awaiting tyres. Came with the original Cane Creek S2 headset, and wanted to keep it 'near' to Lance Tdf spec so used grey DA cables. Don't think the RD-7700 is too happy with the 11-30T on the back so will swap for a 27/28T. Should weigh in around the same as the old one.

  • I’ve seen the TT ringed bike before whilst looking up these models, it’s a damn good paint scheme too.

    The 1999 model looks very close to original, although what wheels are they? The red Rolf rims as original are lovely but not sure what they’re like..

    Liking the silver, with such a nice frame either colour of components seems to work well.

  • Got a few chips on the rear stays on this frame, did you ever need to touch yours up?

  • The original head badge was missing from the frame and it came with a custom 40th decal... couldn’t locate a new original but there was some later model head badges on AliExpress.

    Pretty happy with it although it’s not original to the keen eyed trek fans!!!

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  • Snapshot of an eBay frame original head badge

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  • Clean builds - sorry if i missed that but whats the wheels?

    Are you selling that DA TT chainring? =]

  • I’d love that chainring on the 7800 but i don’t think it will fit...

  • Some parts changed to lower the weight a little.. a few other parts (skewers/brake callipers) should see sub 7kg.

    Debating if it needs a set of gum wall tyres on it, can’t do any harm can it?

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  • Sorry if i missed that but whats the wheels?


  • Wheels are Giant SLR1 ... not too light but light enough. Keep thinking how much a tubular set would take 500g off but then I’d be afraid to ride it :/

  • Mine is chipped all over with various touch up jobs with what looks like tipex, from a distance it looks ok though.

    Also no original head badge for mine, instead a sticker of 99-05 champions lol

    Took me ages to glue the tyres properly but just had a quick go round the block ツ

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  • How was the ride?!!

    That looks lovely... the sticker on the head badge looks well too!!

    The chainring sets it off :)

    Went straight to the bay to look for one, there is one on there but don’t know enough about the fitment or type of ring it is...

  • Currently hanging waiting for summer to return...

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  • Great, certainly wants to go fast!

    Worried about the tubs and the eventual puncture but cross that bridge when I get to it ツ

    Chainring is DA TT, works for 9/10 speed in the usual 130bcd afaik.
    mines only a 54 as the standard 7700 rings where 53.

    It states on the ring it should be used with a 42T inner but working fine with the standard 39 at the moment.

    Just waiting for a dry winter day 😎

  • Tubular wheels are so much lighter, like you say it’s having the inevitable puncture which is the worrying bit unless your experienced in swapping them at roadside...

    Changed my tyres on the summer ride today (schwalbe one off (in better condition than I thought), and Vittoria on.

    Had to see how the deep rims looked while I had 5!!

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Ode to Lance (!)

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