Ode to Lance (!)

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  • Thought I’d post a project I’m doing which seems to be quite common looking at recent posts, another Trek 5500 USPS. One of the most iconic frames of recent times in my eye, one day a classic carbon...

    Frame picked up from eBay, the seller was a really nice chap and well into his cycles but not so much Lance... hence the sticker covering up the team! It’s in good condition with normal chips, but will be ridden not hidden

    Will post as I go, currently looking at DA7800 and using some Giant 30mm carbon wheels.

    Suggestions welcome!

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  • I like these, condition looks great. Not fancy sticking with the 7700??

  • Already got the 7800 so that will be going on to start with.... I may go for full original one day though

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  • I like this, in cycling it's a bit of a hot potato given the history. Even Bill's up for scrutiny now.

  • I have a 5200, identical frame, but ultegra and Rolf Vector Comp wheels like above. The 5500 original would have DA and Rolf Vector Pro whells (Gold and even less spokes). But the red matches the trek decals better :)

  • No matter what they say, don't concede the decisions you take are wrong.

  • Would like to get hold of some Rolf wheels at some point, for now I’ll use what I’ve got in stock and settle for red pedals instead!

    It’s not got the original fork, instead a 1” Easton carbon which looks good quality.. Also came with a blue Chris king headset fitted . Weight is 1615grms

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  • And some Friday night inspiration!!

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  • The state of that suit. Clearly borrowed.

  • You staying period correct? Nice gsxr, come join the motorbike thread.

  • To further the garage stalk.. any pics of the Corrado?

  • Not going for period correct, just getting it together with parts in stock! May go for that at some point though

  • Haha you must know them well if you spotted that! Garage is a shit tip at the moment...

  • Good dropouts on that frame, not those nasty little minimal things.

  • Progress, will need to order EPO soon

    Other wheels earmarked for the build but this was to check dimensions with stock parts.

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  • And a few snips from Cycle Sport showing what a top lad Lance was! 🤦♂️

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  • Ha "is there anything you wouldn't do for your sport: drugs.

    Always liked the look of these, looking forward to seeing your progress. Would also like to know more about the 'rado. I used to own a G60.

  • G60’s hard to find in good condition nowadays.. mine is a late VR6 in aqua blue, cloth. Very standard including suspension high enough room under rear arch to fit a beer can in!

  • Is that vr6 the storm version .they are very rare now. Forgot to say like you retro lance Armstrong trek

  • Love these bikes. I’m tall so I always fancied building a hincapie tribute classics bike. A guy I know who worked in GB store room had a usps tt frame he used to torment me with, I’d love one of those

  • These seem to be a common theme on the forum recently haha. My first bike that got me into cycling, had the graphite grey from 3001? Regretted selling it and found the team blue on eBay.

    Just waiting to put tyres on mine. Currently 6.5kg!

    Love the Gazelle tvm! Please put me in the queue if you ever sell.

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  • Always loved this frame. Either a period correct or neo-retro build would be banging!

    I see the latest ESPN Lance docu is on iPlayer if you fancy watching more of the mad bastard.

    Generally speaking are there concerns with old carbon frames? I always thought they were to be avoided if being cycled but probs wrong

  • Looking good!! Must be very good wheels are that weight.. have you got a build list?

    Noted about gazelle, such an unusual machine!!!

  • Slightly modern build with the 7800 will be good I hope!

    Will check out the Lance documentary, he is universally hated but I still admire the achievements. The best liar in the peloton!

    Regular checks of the frame whilst cleaning will be normal, it’s only the same as having a steel frame with internal rust issues I suppose.. either way it’s a risk

  • They came with lifetime guarantee back then, so they must have felt pretty good about their product, and I wouldn’t worry too much.

    There was a guy on ww that stripped the paint of off his, the carbon work underneath is very good, and actually almost a shame to hide.

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Ode to Lance (!)

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