2020-09-24, Rider Down, Hyde Park

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  • Came across a ped and cyclist collision on my commute home today. Both pretty beat up. It was on that funny bit of cycle path that loops around the cafe where West Carriage Drive meets South Carriage Drive in Hyde Park.

    Didn't see the collision only the aftermath, pedestrian was on the floor, conscious, but painful shoulder, being looked after by passers by and cyclist clearly in a lot of shock. Managed to get him sat down with a drink of water, suspected dislocated shoulder and some other grazing for him by the looks of things. Ambulance and police on scene got them both tidied up and in ambulances to hospital.

    redacted to remove irrelevant information

  • Cyclist was just 4 days in to riding 23 days of Tour de France distances through London Parks for Mind (mental health charity.) Feel gutted for him.

    Statistically I’d imagine he’s got several more crashes to come should he continue. Terrible idea.

    Royal Parks are going to look dimly on anyone who takes a pedestrian down. Let’s hope his insurance is up to scratch.

  • Terrible idea.

    But laps of Regent's Park are all good?

    From what the other witness said, ped stepped into bike lane without looking. We've all experienced it.

  • I wouldn't want to be on a 'challenge', pushing myself to the limit and then contending with peds.

    Bike lanes, canal paths should be for chilled-out riding.

    Probably using the road would have been safer.

  • I think you're making assumptions about pushing to the limit, or it even being a 'challenge', without having even met the guy.

    Maybe, also, I have completely midunderstood what he said, considering the shock he was in. He was more worried about the guy he had run into and was very distressed. I was just trying to talk to him to calm him down.

    I wish the rider and pedestrian a quick recovery.

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2020-09-24, Rider Down, Hyde Park

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