• Hey. Please take it from me, I need space for my pizza equipment. I got it a few years back, the plan was to dissolve the seat post and build it for resale. I would probably could find more spare parts if needed.

    Collection in E2 on a weekday, Sunday can bring towards Finsbury Park.
    First DIBS as reply secures it, fair on everyone.

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  • Dibs pm coming

  • dibs pending a couple of qs via pm

  • Gone.

  • Up for grabs, E2 only and only if you really need it. 170cm black crankset with new chainring included to match the headset (almost, pinky/purple colour).

  • Dibs pending qs via pm

  • Hey, I can arrange a collection asap. Please let me know

  • 2nd dibs if still available had my bike nicked and this would do perfect!


FREE steel track frame, TT 57, ST 51, stuck seatpost, w/ headset E2

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