Glasgow Gravel Routes

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  • Arbroath smokie supper (battered) from The Bellrock in Arbroath > Anstruther fish n chips or any chippy in UK.

  • That's criminal.. a smokie should be gently grilled with some butter.

  • I mean you can have a traditional smokie too but for good ol' fish n chips its perfection as well.

  • I'm going to try that next time I'm back in Angus.

  • valuable information, if there's any other gems give us a shout!

  • continuing to update in the hope that it's of some use to someone

    Another wee mile or so of gravel up behind Cathkin Braes (Blue); a worthwhile detour. FWIW the tarmac is lovely up round there too. Lots of paths marked in the Former landfill site but looks to be shut off completely

    Note the red X: I went up to the farm from Cathkin Road and the (I presume) farmer told me there was no through road. It's clearly not true because the road is on the map and you can access the other side of it, looks muddy.
    Not sure what the law is about rights of way on roads in farms but without a fight its a no

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  • I’ve done yer blue route, never tried the road up to the red X but don’t really remember seeing a junction on the blue route anyway so…

    There’s a nice gravel path through to the marshland too. Also Coulter’s wood out towards the museum of rural life it’s worth a look.

  • Fair enough.

    I kind of think that unless it’s significantly better in some way than a route where there’s no hassle, is it worth it?

    Talking of which, the newish path from Langlee rd to Kingswell rd, I did it a week or two ago and noticed a load of new ‘no entry’ and ‘private’ signs at the Langlee rd end and there’s a pile of barbed wire on the gate at the kingswell end too.

    There was actually some people walking at the Langlee end and I tried talking to them about it. One of them seemed to be, or be related to, the landowner but she was pretty elderly and didn’t really give me much solid info.

    That ones a bummer as i really liked using that path to get off the a77.

  • I would say those are bollocks but I've never been there. Does any of this apply:­2/section/6

    Is that this road?

    If it is that road, looks a bit like there are the beginnings of turbine hardstands on the satellite, maybe they're building a windfarm

    possibly this one -although it's not quite the same place - they do move in planning, though

  • Aye that’s the one.

    I guess if they are building turbines or something on it then that counts.

    There’sa bit of a quarry at the far end (from your link) but don’t think it’s still in use.

  • Followed the John Muir Way up from Carbeth and round to the Devil's pulpit today. There is a nice detour where my blue line starts. Loads of forestry work right now and the track is freshly graded. A genuine gravel road in its current condition.

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  • Nice, thats my "yard" I live in Killearn which is just up the road from Devils Pupit. I've not done the route above but will check it out.

  • If you're coming from that side be sure and pick up the JMW (blue arrow) because the forestry track ends has been extended a bit and ends in a clear-cut bog over a wee bridge (red)

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Glasgow Gravel Routes

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